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Title: My Tank
Post by: Pagz on June 14, 2014, 04:01:09 PM
Just thought i'd start a post regarding my C-Max, i'll keep updating with pictures and what-not along the way.

A couple of questions which you guys/gals might be able to help me out with,

Firstly - I've seen a couple of people on here and other forums that have changed the backlight of the dashboard, for example, the green lighting behind most of the buttons on the dash, and and ofcoarse the lighting behind the MPH gauge and fuel and such things (instrument panel). Just wondering on the difficulty level of this job, does it tend to require soldering/gel switches, or can it be done easily?

Secondly, the cabin air/pollen filter, from what i've read it can be abit of a bugger to get to, ie, having to remove the fusebox and glove box. My air-con isn't as cold as it should be and i'd rather check if the filter was the cause rather than go and fork out cash for it to be re-gassed without needing too.

Thanks for any help/advice anyone can give :)

Title: Re: My Tank
Post by: Chrispb on June 14, 2014, 05:31:40 PM
Hi Richard

Can't help with the dash but the pollen filter replacement is very similar to the MK3 Galaxy, a blocked filter will restrict the amount of airflow but not the actual temperature of the air leaving the vents.

Having the system regassed should be done every three to four years (according to my local specialist) some gas loss will happen naturally over a couple of years even if there are no visible leaks in the system, having pressure in the system is not an indication of how much gas is in the system as this is done by weight, the only way to tell if you have the right amount of gas in there is to have it drawn off and weighed which can be done by your nominated aircon service.

Places that offer the service will
Draw off the remaining gas
Vacuum the system
Pressure test the system
(If OK) Refill the system with the correct amount of gas and oil.
Title: Re: My Tank
Post by: Pagz on June 14, 2014, 06:06:08 PM
Thanks Chris, to be fair i've only had the car for 9 months or so, and i've not had it re-gassed, I can't speak for the previous owner but by the state that some parts were in when i got it i doubt it will have been done regularly enough. I'll scope out some places that will do it at some point in the near future and let you know what the crack is :)