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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Engine cutting out when cold (2.3 Petrol)  (Read 7028 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Engine cutting out when cold (2.3 Petrol)
« on: April 07, 2013, 06:15:45 AM »
« Last Rated on: February 10, 2020, 08:20:07 AM »
1224-0The oil separator/PCV on the 2.3 engines is hidden on the front (grille side) of the block, behind the exhaust manifold, which is in turn hidden behind the heat shield, so it cannot be seen at all. On top of the vent is a small right angled piece of rubber hose which sits behind the exhaust pipe, protected by it's own little heat shield, and connects to a steel pipe which in turn is connected to the inlet manifold.
Despite the shield, over time the heat affects the rubber hose and it cracks and splits, thus allowing the engine to suck too much air and weakening the mixture, causing it to “hunt” and “cut out”.
To test, look for a steel pipe, which appears to come from behind the exhaust heat shield and runs to the right, then around the engine till it connects via a rubber connector to the inlet block/manifold.
You may have to slacken or remove the clamps, which hold the pipe these are under these hoses, disconnect the battery and drain the cooling system so you can remove hoses. Then ease the rubber connector from the block. With the engine running, stick your finger over the end of the inlet tube on the block, and see what happens!  If it now ticks over like a Swiss watch, then almost certainly the hose on the PCV is split.

Blocking off the inlet tube with a bolt in the end of the connector or some other means will have it running like a dream short term. Not Recommended.

If you decide to replace the split pipe be warned, - it will cost you about £25 from Ford, and it is very, very difficult to get to! To do the job properly you need to remove the exhaust pipe and manifold.


It took me about 3 hours from start to completion, with the help from my granddaughter, I didn’t remove the exhaust manifold. But instead removed the whole pipe and replacing the rubber hose away from the car.
I remove the under shield for access from below and with the aid of a 2 long screw drives (one each) I lined it on top of hole while my granddaughter, pushed it in from above.

Replace all brackets, hoses etc. top up with coolant and reconnect the battery.

My Thanks go to Grandad who takes the credit for this information and got my Gal running smooth 

Many thanks to David Sinnock for supplying the photo's.

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