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Title: Ford Galaxy - Air Conditioning Gas Low Pressure; Condenser replacement
Post by: Mirez on July 28, 2018, 11:16:48 AM
This follows on from the post on diagnosing if your AC is leaking; Link ( , It's a guide to replacing the condenser where its discovered that the dryer is leaking. Generally, once the corrosion is enough to cause a leak then replacing the dryer and cap alone is not enough to solve the issue and the condenser needs to be replaced.

Some warnings first!
You need an EMPTY system to replace this, have it professionally degassed first.
A system that's stopped working due to low pressure still has a lot of gas in it - don't assume its empty.
It's illegal to vent AC gas to the atmosphere, it's also nasty stuff to inhale.
Wear protective eye wear, gloves and work in an open space!

This is the easier way of changing the unit, the official way is to drain the coolant radiator and then remove the Radiator, Condenser, Fans and Intercooler as a pack. In much the same way that the intercooler can be replaced by drilling some access holes, the condenser can also be removed without the need to remove this 'pack'.

Start by undoing the 4 star bolts that hold the front bumpers top section in place, from there we can depress the tabs and remove the front grill from the car. The mounting points are shown below, and then with the grill removed:



We also need need to remove the lower grills and these just pull off with some wiggling!


We are now ready to open the system, remove the upper pipe by undoing its two bolts and star mount. It can then be bought up and out by rotating it but be careful not to damage the o-ring seals as you withdraw it. The smaller photo is for reference and shows the gap from the opposite direction.


[attachimg=4] [attach=14]

With the top pipe removed, disconnect the bottom left pipe. Cover the pipe with a glove to keep it free from debris during the next steps.


This stage is to Dremel the cowl at each mount point to allow access to the mounting points. The top left point should be drilled to provide access and the other three points should be opened up as shown. Once complete, the old condenser can be unbolted and then slid to the right before being withdrawn up through the opening.





With the old condenser removed, its worth brushing off the main coolant radiator as it will have accumulated dirt and debris over the years. Next, prepare the new intercooler for refitting.



And now in classic Haynes speak, refitting is a reversal of the removal! Things to note, new condensers are typically supplied under pressure with either air or an inert gas so don't be surprised when you undo the new caps if air escapes! When refitting the pipework remember cleanliness is key when it comes to the seals.

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