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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy Mk1 / Mk2 - Common Faults and Manuals  (Read 76321 times)


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Ford Galaxy Mk1 / Mk2 - Common Faults and Manuals
« on: February 23, 2012, 09:13:16 pm »
Ford Galaxy - Which version do I have?
Ford Galaxy - Common Faults (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Whats what in the engine bay?  (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Instrument Cluster Signs and Meanings (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - VIN Plate Location, Engine, Gearbox & Interior Trim Code's, Paint Codes / Names
Ford Galaxy - 0-60 Acceleration Times (Mk2 Official Figures)
Ford Galaxy - Fuel Consumption MPG Figures (Mk2 Official Figures)
Ford Galaxy - Dimensions / Capacities / Weights and Optional Equipment
Ford Galaxy - MoT Failure Rates and Breadown

Diagnostic Software and Reference:
Ford Galaxy - Fault Finding Software Introduction (VCDS/VagCom)
Ford Galaxy - Using VCDS/Vag-Com to Diagnose Faults with the PD Engine
Ford Galaxy - VCDS Lookup Table / Code List
Ford Galaxy - VCDS / VagCom Controller Soft Coding
Ford Galaxy - Vagcom/VCDS lite connection problems

Routine Maintenance:
Ford Galaxy - Oil and Filter Change (Self Servicing)
Ford Galaxy - Pollen filter replacement
Ford Galaxy - Changing fuel filter on TDI versions
Ford Galaxy - Automatic Transmission Fluid Replacement / Level Check (AG5 / 09B)
Ford Galaxy - Timing Belt Kit & Water Pump Replacement- 1.9 TDI PD Engine (Mk2)

Ford Issued TSB's (Technical Service Bulletins):
Ford Galaxy - TSB - Central Dash Stowage Box Difficult to Open
Ford Galaxy - TSB - Front wiper blades touching the A pillars
Ford Galaxy - TSB - Air Conditioning System leaks / inoperative
Ford Galaxy - TSB - Cruise Control System Inoperative / Poor Response (2.0/2.3)
Ford Galaxy - TSB - Ticking noises in the cabin when cold

Ford Galaxy - Auxiliary (Engine bay) Fuse Box Layout
Ford Galaxy - Reading Part Number Date Stamps
Ford Galaxy - Water in Footwell? Windscreen & Sun roof drainage
Ford Galaxy - Replacing booster heater glow plug on the Eberspächer D3WZ & D5WZ
Ford Galaxy - ABS warning light on while driving
Ford Galaxy - Glow plug light flashing while driving (TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Climate contol panel flashing after starting engine
Ford Galaxy - TDI version Relay 109
Ford Galaxy - MFD1 Navigation System User Guide
Ford Galaxy - Spare Wheel Cover (Mk1)
Ford Galaxy - Upgrade & Cosmetic Part Numbers and Prices
Ford Galaxy - Retrofitting the Load Cover
Ford Galaxy - Towbar Wiring, Trailers, Couplings and Weights
Ford Galaxy - Climate Control - Fan changes speed erratically / Sticky buttons! (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - How to swap the booster/kiddie seat to the other side(MK2)
Ford Galaxy - One Touch Windows not working / Re-Learning Procedure (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Inspect and reconnect rear washer pipe.
Ford Galaxy - Immobiliser Key Programming and Information (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Remote Key Locking, Programming and Information (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Mk1 & 2 parts diagram links (including VW Sharan)
Ford Galaxy - Modifying the centre console to accept a double din head unit
Ford Galaxy - Diagnosing AC gas leaking from the receiver drier unit

Part Removal:
Ford Galaxy - Bulkhead Extension (Lower Scuttle) Removal
Ford Galaxy - Removing the Steering Wheel and Cowling (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Door Card Removal (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Rear Quarter Panel "door" Card Removal
Ford Galaxy - Cup Holder Removal (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Bonnet catch removal
Ford Galaxy - Front bumper removal (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Front Wing Removal / Replacement
Ford Galaxy - In-Tank Fuel Pump Removal
Ford Galaxy - Exhaust system replacement
Ford Galaxy - AC Condenser Replacement

Ford Galaxy - Battery Junction Box / Auxiliary Fuse Box Repair and Replacement (MK2) 
Ford Galaxy - Replacing the Run-On pump brushes (TDI and V6)
Ford Galaxy - Windscreen wipers not working or slow
Ford Galaxy - Gaining Access to Central Junction Box Fuses & Relays (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Glow Plug Testing and Measuring (TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Trip meter resetting each time
Ford Galaxy - Alternator Replacement / Renewel (TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Traction Control ESP Clockspring Calibration (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Enabling Distance to Empty Feature (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Parking sensor faults / PDC Systen (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Electronic engine sensor locations (2.3 Petrol)
Ford Galaxy - Electronic engine sensor locations (1.9 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Radio wiring and pin-outs
Ford Galaxy - Adjusting the idle speed (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Wiring terminal identifications
Ford Galaxy - Testing for Parasitic Battery Drain (Battery looses charge quickly)
Ford Galaxy - Accelerator Pedal Removal and Cleaning (VCDS Fault Code: 00777 / 18047)
Ford Galaxy - Fuse Information, Circuit and Rating (MK1 98>00)
Ford Galaxy - Fuse Information, Circuit and Rating (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Loss of services powered from fuse 32/splice joint 32
Ford Galaxy - Repairing broken door wiring (gaiter)
Ford Galaxy - Muting the parking sensors when a trailer or caravan is attached
Ford Galaxy - Radiator Fan Not Working / Staying on Permanently (2.3, V6, 90 and 115 TDI's)
Ford Galaxy - Removal, Inspection and Repair of the Central Door Locking Motor
Ford Galaxy - Removal and Replacement of the Injector Wiring Loom (TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Information on the climate control system's G65 pressure sensor
Ford Galaxy - Automatic transmission not shifting up when cold. N88 N89 & N92 Replacement
Ford Galaxy - Enabling global opening / closing via remote control

Ford Galaxy - Headlight Levelling Motor Repair / Replacement
Ford Galaxy - Headlamp masking for driving abroad (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Lamp (Bulb) Specifications (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Xenon Headlight (HiD) Knowledge-base (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Headlight Removal (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Relay Information and Overview

Ford Galaxy - Replacing Drop Links
Ford Galaxy - Intake Manifold Cleaning (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Automatic transmission fluid level check (AG4)
Ford Galaxy - Air bubbles in fuel pipes (Mk1 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Recommended engine oil for PD engines ANU,AUY,ASZ,BTB and Fluid Capacities
Ford Galaxy - D5WZ Auxiliary Heater Guide, Parts Catalogue & Workshop Manual
Ford Galaxy - Charge Pressure Control Hose Routing (Mk1 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Charge pressure hose routing diagram[ (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Turbo boost control valve (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Heater blowing cold air and engine overheating underload
Ford Galaxy - Loss of drive / Gearbox Drive Stub Axle and Half shaft (Inner Drive Shaft) (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Diesel engine turbo removal and clean out (Mk2 1.9TDI 115ps)
Ford Galaxy - Coolant temperature sensor removal (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Engine cutting out when cold (2.3 Petrol)
Ford Galaxy - Diesel Engine Auxiliary Belt Routing (Mk1 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Diesel Engine Auxiliary Belt Routing (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - PD115 Intercooler Removal & Replacement
Ford Galaxy - Front Wheel Bearing Replacement (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Heater matrix replacement
Ford Galaxy - Driveshaft Removal & Inner CV Joint/ Boot Renewal (MT350 Manual-Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Replacing turbo central housing rotational assembly (CHRA)
Ford Galaxy - MT350 (6 Speed Manual) Gearbox Oil Change (Mk2)
Ford Galaxy - Exercising The Turbo Vanes Using VCDS/VAG-COM
Ford Galaxy - Front Suspension Top Mount And Bearing Replacement
Ford Galaxy - Alternator Clutch Pulley Replacement (Mk2 TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Cruise Control Not Working (2.0 & 2.3 Petrol Engines)
Ford Galaxy - Torsion value (injector timing) check & adjust (Mk2 1.9 PD TDI)
Ford Galaxy - Lower front ball-joint renewal / replacement
Ford Galaxy - 6 speed manual gearbox shim fitting (c. 2003 onwards Mk2 Galaxy, Sharan & Alhambra)
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