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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Front Wing Removal  (Read 11054 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Front Wing Removal
« on: February 16, 2014, 05:13:02 PM »
« Last Rated on: May 15, 2014, 05:36:55 PM »
Replacing the front wing, this follows the passenger side although the drivers would be virtually identical. The front door must be able to be opened fully.

The wing is held with the nine bolts outlined below (One obscured on the right image) - the mini-window also make up part of the mounting along with a substantial amount of automotive sealer.


Removal requires the front bumper to be removed - see here.

It can be done with the car on the ground with the wheel on, although access is better if you do remove it. Start by removing the torx bolts that hold the splash guard on to the inner and outer wing and then withdraw it.
The mini window is next to be removed, use a flatblade driver to prise up the window vent and then pull off the A pillar plastic - on cars without side airbags this simply pulls off, with side air-bags then the "AIRBAG" cover at the top of the trim needs to be popped out and then the allen bolt behind undone.

With this removed you can access the 3 bolts that hold the mini window in situ:


With the window removed, pull up the weather stip to the side of the windscreen.

Next reach in from the wheel arch and remove the two bolts, the photo to the right shows the holes with the wing removed for clarification:


Disconnect (it just pulls off) the indicator repeater at this point. Next undo the bolt at the front of the wing that was covered by the bumper and also the one holding the wing to the sill. 
Open the door fully and remove the two bolts that are now accessible:

Leave the door open and remove the three bolts holding the wing at the top. Finally take a knife to the automotive glue, its sealed from the top to the bottom on the door end of the wing and is not only tough but they used a lot! Once removed the whole wing will now lift out:


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