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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - MK2 Fuse Information, Circuit and Rating  (Read 63383 times)

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Ford Galaxy - MK2 Fuse Information, Circuit and Rating
« on: November 18, 2013, 08:27:46 PM »
« Last Rated on: February 04, 2021, 08:06:24 PM »

Fuse Number, Fuse Colour, Fuse Rating
Circuit(s) Effected:   

(More specific information if available)

1, Red, 10amp
Ignition System, Instrument Cluster, V6 Engine Management
(Camshaft Timing Inlet Actuator, VSS Sensor (V6), Camshaft Timing Actuator Outlet, Switch-Over induction Solenoid, Oil Temperature Sensor (TDI)

2, Red, 10amp
ESP, Engine Cooling (V6&TDI), Cruise, A/C, Radio, External Mirrors, Brake lights, Electric Windows & Sunroof, Parking Aid
(Cruise Control, A/C Clutch Compressor Module, Multi-Function Steering Wheel Controller, Speed Control Switch, Door Modules, Quarter Windows, Mirror Fold Module)

3, Brown, 5amp
ABS, ASR, ESP, Cruise, Aux Heater, A/C, Alarm, GPS, Heated Seats, Horn, Rear view mirror
(Brake Pedal Switch, CJB Memory, Aux Heater Control Module, Climate Control Memory, Heater Blower Switch, ESP Switch, ABS Controller, Steering Angle Sensor, Rear Dimming Mirror, Horn Controller, Navigation Memory, Clutch Pedal Switch, Heated Seat Switches, Sunroof Switch)

4, Red, 10amp
ECU (V6&TDI), Immobiliser
(PATS Controller, PCM Controller, CV Heating)

5, Blue, 15amp
Transmission Switch, Parking Aid, External Mirrors, Satellite Navigation, Reverse Lights
6, White, 25amp
Horns, Horn Relay

7, White, 25amp
Charge System, Front 12V Socket

8, Blue, 15amp
Rear 12V Socket(s), Tow Hitch   

9, Brown, 5amp (Blue, 15amp)
Auxillary Heater, (+Heated Seats)   

10, Red, 10amp
RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment System), 12V Socket on Middle Console,

11, Yellow, 20amp (White, 25amp)
Headlight Washer Motor (+Tow Hitch)

12, White, 25amp
Auxiliary Heater

13, Violet, 3amp (Red, 10amp - TDI)
ECU (Petrol Engines) or (Injector Shutoff (TDI))

14, Yel/White/Green   20/25/30amp (Petrol, TDI, V6)
Fuel Supply, A/C, ECU
15, Red, 10amp
ASR, ESP, ECU (TDI), Transmission, Cruise, Brake Lights, A/C Clutch Relay
(Stop Switch 1, Stop Switch 2, Automatic Transmission Module)
16, Blue, 15amp
Engine Cooling (except 2.0/2.3), A/C
17, Red, 10amp
Automatic Transmission

18, Brown, 5amp
Engine Cooling, A/C, Run-on Relay

19, Brown, 5amp
ECU (TDI), Auxiliary Heater, A/C, Heated Screen Switches, Xenon Head Light Controllers, Windscreen Washer Jet Heaters)

20, Blue, 15amp
Engine Cooling (V6&TDI), A/C Pressure Switch, Rear Screen Wiper Motor   

21, White, 25amp
A/C, Rear Blower Motor

22, Green, 30amp
A/C, Front Blower Motor   

23, Red, 10amp
Heated Mirrors   

24, Green, 30amp
Front Screen Wiper Motor

25, Green, 30amp
Fuel Supply, Starting, ECU (V6), Automatic Transmission, PATS Immobiliser

26, Blue, 15amp
Front and Rear Fog-lights

27, White, 25amp
Auxiliary Heater, Sunroof, Central Locking

28, Violet, 3amp
Instrument Illumination, Number Plate Illumination

29, Yellow, 20amp (Red, 10amp TDI)
Ignition System (V6), A/C Clutch Module (TDI)

30, Yellow,   20amp
Radio / RSE / Satellite Navigation
31, Violet, 3amp
Instrument Cluster, Radio, RSE, Alarm, Telephone, Non Engine ECUs

32, Brown, 5amp
ESP, Cruise Control, Auxiliary Heater, A/C, Instrument Cluster, Clock, Radio, RSE, Modular network (K-Line), OBD Port, Alarm, PATS, Satellite Navigation, Telephone System, Headlight Washer Control, Electric Window Memory, Central Door Locking, Steering Position Sensor

33, Red, 10amp
Auxiliary Heating. A/C (Front Blower Motor on Early Mk2's - Fused at 30A instead)

34, Brown, 5amp (Red 10amp)
ECU, Instrument Cluster, A/C, Cruise (+Glow Plug (Diesel)), Clutch Position Switch, Oil Temperature Sensor, VSS, Camshaft Position Sensor, Boost Actuator, Engine Stop Solenoid, MAF Sensor, EPT Sensor, MAP Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Pre Glow Relay, Cooling Fan Controller

End of Primary / Standard Size Fuses
The following run up the left side of the fusebox:

51, Yellow, 20amp
Heated Rear Screen

52, Yellow, 20amp
Direction Indicators, Hazard Warning System   

53, Red, 10amp
Interior Illumination, Delay Relay

54, Red, 10amp
Alarm Horn

55, Brown, 5amp
Interior Monitoring, Interior Lighting, Non Engine ECUs   

56, Brown, 5amp
Alarm, Exterior Right lights   

57, Brown, 5amp
Alarm, Exterior Left lights   

58, Red, 10amp
Headlight Levelling, DRL

59, Blue, 15amp
Exterior Left Lights

60, Blue, 15amp
Exterior Right Lights
61, Red, 10amp
Exterior Lighting, Instrument Cluster, Xenon Control Module

62, Red, 10amp
Exterior Lighting, DRL   

63, Black, 50amps
Heated Front Screen

64, Black, 50amps
ECU (V6)

65, Green, 30amps
Electric Windows   

03 Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI 115 Ghia in Spruce Green Metallic
With cream leather interior, Full Bodykit, Remapped at 145bhp, Lowered on 18's
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