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Title: Ford Galaxy - Muting the parking sensors when a trailer or caravan is attached
Post by: Mirez on June 10, 2014, 09:59:51 PM
This guide talks about how-to install an additional wire to mute the rear parking sensors when you are towing.

Factory fitted tow-bars would have this option installed by default but the parking aid module has the ability regardless. The job is simple enough and requires adding just one wire to the parking aid controller (located under the front passenger seat) to tell the module when a trailer is attached. Again, factory fitted bars have a switch integrated in the plug socket however any latching switch will do, and you can mount this anywhere, switching in "on" when the trailer in connected.

The idea is to ground Pin 5 of connector C77 when the trailer is connected. Access is from behind the passenger seat so start by sliding it all the way forward and removing the mini carpet so you can see the control module. From this angle the connector we want is on the right side as shown below:


Unclip the connector, cut the cable tie off and then slide the inner pin assembly out from the housing whilst depressing the mini-latch at the far end. The pin we need to make is pin 5 and should be empty - if its not then either you have the wrong connector, wrong pin, different module or the car is pre-wired for the towbar! In all but the last case, stop and double check (post here if required!) - if the car is pre-wired then a Brown/Red cable may be in this slot already.


Add your new cable, through a switch and to any ground point and you're done. When its at ground the module interprets this as a trailer being connected and will not operate the rear sensors (The fronts will continue to work).

Finally, test your new switch by trial or by using VCDS and measuring blocks, group 4. Here we can see with the switch not depressed the sounder is active and then again when it is depressed, the trailer becomes "Active" and the sounder stops:


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