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Title: Ford Galaxy - Replacing Turbo Central Housing Rotational Assembly (MK2 115ps)
Post by: Chrispb on May 22, 2014, 01:45:18 PM
Having need to change turbo due to excessive oil leakage and whining I set about just replacing with one of those CHRA units and knowing what's involved in removing the complete manifold thought I would try and tackle the change insitu without removing the exhaust manifold and EGR cooler.


1.Remove the air cleaner box and bulkhead extension for better access, jack up vehicle and place on stands or use ramps, then remove engine undercover

2. Remove the plastic air intake tube from turbo (3 bolts) and air charge pipe (turbo outlet to intercooler)

3. Remove turbo actuator from turbo, it is secured by two bolts to the exhaust housing and a horseshoe clip on the operating rod, long nose pliers are best for removing the clip, leave the vacuum pipe attached to the actuator but disconnect at the joint on the wing panel it's easier.


5.Remove oil drain pipe from block the remove the pipe from turbo (2 X torx)


4.To remove the oil feed pipe you need to hold the pipe union while loosening the nut, to do this you need to grind down a 17mm spanner to fit in the gap otherwise you will almost certainly fracture the pipe, also unscrew the support clip for extra movement.

6. Now loosen the six bolts on the compressor housing, once these bolts are loosened the housing can be turned to make it easier to remove the bolts completely, once the compressor housing is removed you will have better access to the three remaining exhaust housing bolts, I used a drive socket set for this.


Now you should be able to remove the unit.
The marks on the blades look quite dramatic but there's no visible marks on the housing but obviously there has been contact by the amount of play in the shaft


A short video below showing the amount of play in the shaft

When refitting be sure the locating peg is aligned and the operating lever engages with the unison ring see Link ( for more info

A new O ring was supplied for the compressor housing and a new washer and gasket for the oil feed union and drain flange, the exhaust housing is a metal to metal joint so be sure to tighten these bolts evenly.

The unit is guaranteed for 12 months or 12.000 miles but comes with a comprehensive fitting and checking guide which covers them pretty well in the event of a claim but for 126 I'm happy to take the chance, it's already covered 1.000 + miles without any power issues and no whistling whiny turbo noises which it's done since we've had the car (9 years)

Intercooler and associated pipework washed out and oil and filter changed.

Cartridge supplied by London Turbo's on Ebay


Be Warned
This job should be assessed on an individual basis and what I have done may not be suitable in every situation.

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