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Title: Ford Galaxy - Bulkhead Extension (Lower Scuttle) Removal
Post by: Mirez on June 21, 2012, 07:18:13 PM
To increase access a number of jobs require the removal of the bulkhead extension.

The bulkhead extension is fitted to catch water coming off the windscreen. It sits under the wiper mechanism and makes up part of the scuttle.
Its held in place with 3 10mm bolts, one either side and one the middle as shown here:


The central one is screwed into the bulkhead:


Whilst the outside two are screwed down - access is a little tricky here and going from behind the bonnet with it partly closed is the easier option.


Once the bolts are removed, pull off the weather strip that sits on the extension and the foam pads either side (often missing). The extension panel can then be manoeuvred out.

There is a knack to this and generally it pulls out on the left and then slides out at an angle but if you've not done it before it will help to remove the air box. On V6 engines, the intake pipe to the throttle body also needs to be removed.

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