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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Climate Control Dismantle - Fan changes speed erratically (Mk2)  (Read 9336 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Climate Control Dismantle - Fan changes speed erratically (Mk2)
« on: July 13, 2013, 04:56:18 PM »
« Last Rated on: June 07, 2018, 12:33:09 AM »
This is how-to remove the HVAC (Climate Control) panel from the car and clean the cabin sensor although it's also useful if someone's spilled drink on it! The climate system uses 4 sensors to determine it's operation:

  • External Temperature Sensor - Lower Front Bumper
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor - Heat Exchange Box
  • Cabin Temperature Sensor - Integrated in Control Panel
  • Sun Load Sensor - Front of Dash (Behind Analogue Clock)

The cabin sensor uses a fan to draw air over it, and over time, dust and debris can cover the sensor and fan leading to erratic operation of the fan as it's unable to sense the correct cabin temperature.

Removal is strait forward and you'll require a T6 & T20 Torx Screwdriver and a flat-blade.

Start by using the flat blade to pry off the climate trim panel. This is simply clipped in place so lever it out gently from all angles but avoid using excess force so not to mark the surrounding plastics:


Once removed, undo the 4 T20 Torx screws that hold the panel to the dash:


Next, withdraw the unit and disconnect the three connectors:


The climate panel can now be removed from the car. Ideally use a bench for the next stage so nothing get's lost and remove the 4 T6 screws that hold the front of the panel to the body (These are the small silver screws that can be seen two photo's up). There are also two tabs to depress and the front panel will separate.

Next remove the 5 T6 screws that hold the button assembly to the PCB:


The fan and sensor are now visible and can be cleaned by blowing and/or a damp cloth. This is a semi-cleaned sensor as originally the fan could hardly be seen for dust!


Now at this point you could re-assemble however if you've had anything spilled on the buttons in the past it's worth taking the time to clean this. Remove the contact skin from the back of the button assembly:


Everything you see now is plastic so can be washed as required.


For seriously sticky buttons, it might be necessary to remove them entirely - they come out from the front, after depressing the two tabs:


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