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Title: Ford Galaxy - Automatic transmission fluid level check (AG4)
Post by: Chrispb on February 03, 2012, 10:47:55 PM
Vagcom will be required to check transmission fluid temperature prior to checking level which should be between 35 to 45deg's C.
Move the gear selector through all the ranges a few times then leave in park with engine idling whilst checking level.

Four speed (AG4)

When up to temperature remove the plug on sump cover this will reveal the plastic level tube, a small amount of fluid will be released then will stop, remove filler cap accessed from engine compartment, the filler should have a red plastic seal which will need to be broken off to remove cap.
Pour in new fluid until fluid starts to run from level tube, the level is now correct, refit plugs and fit new seal to filler cap.

For info the plastic level tube is removed to drain the sump.

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