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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Door Card Removal (Mk2)  (Read 31675 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Door Card Removal (Mk2)
« on: February 06, 2012, 06:13:03 PM »
« Last Rated on: November 24, 2020, 04:05:35 PM »
The following is a detailed breakdown of how to remove the door card and membrane on a Mk2 Galaxy:

Required Tools:

•   Small flat blade screwdriver
•   Medium Phillips screwdriver
•   10mm Socket
•   Stanley knife

General Information:

The door cards are fitted VW style, so use clips rather then screws as most true Ford’s do. The fixing method is shown below:

The door card is hooked into place (Purple bar) and then clipped to the door using plastic clips around the outside. It’s reinforced by the grab handle with two (3 on front doors) 10mm bolts to hold it firmly in place. Removal is actually very easy but care should be taken and replacement clips should be sought prior to removal as they have a tendency to break during extraction. They look like this:

Part Number: 7M0 867 299

The part number is a VAG part and at the time of writing they were £0.20 each from a SEAT dealer however copies are available online and generally a bag of 20 can be bought for about £3.

So to removal, the first thing to do is prise out the inner door handle support. This allows the door handle to be removed and access to the retaining bolts.
Using the flat blade screwdriver and (working from below the handle) use it to push the inner panel back toward the door frame.

Once it’s removed the handle surround can be lifted up – note its only held by 4 spring clips as shown in picture 2.

Finally disconnect the wiring to the window switch and remove the handle assembly. You can now access the two 10mm bolts that are the primary fixings for the door card and remove them.

With the bolts removed the door card now pulls out slightly at the bottom and then lifts up to clear the hook bar at the top. Note this can be the trickiest part as the clips hold the card tight to the door frame. Be careful not to pull the door card outward too much as the clips are held onto the card by a plastic piece which is simply glued to the card.

With the card lifted off the hook bar, you need to release the door opener and disconnect the wiring for the tweeter and open light (if fitted)
Looking down between the door and card, locate the back of the door handle. Where the cable enters the handle you’ll see that just below is a clip, this needs to be lifted over the tab to allow the cable unit to disconnect from the handle. Use the flat blade screwdriver to lift the tab and then lift the cable unit away.

Remove the speaker next, 4 screws will allow the speaker to pull forward and the connector be disconnected. Remove left over clips at this stage!

With the speaker and clips removed you’ll now ready for the membrane, this is primarily designed to keep rain water inside the door and not on the back of the door card or running inside the vehicle. Therefore when you remove it be careful not to rip it. In most cases it won’t be necessary to completely remove the membrane and it can simply be folded down out of the way. Use a sharp Stanley knife to slice the glue:

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