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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Removing the Steering Wheel and Cowling (Mk2)  (Read 13782 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Removing the Steering Wheel and Cowling (Mk2)
« on: February 05, 2012, 05:48:09 PM »
« Last Rated on: December 15, 2016, 04:38:41 PM »
Removing the steering wheel on a Mk2 Galaxy is reasonably easy if a little awkward. Firstly we need to remove the airbag - if you've ever removed a true Ford airbag you know they are normally bolted in place from behind however the Galaxy and that's held in place 'VW style'. It's one of those tasks that once you've done it you'll find it easy but the first time can be a bit of a challenge!

You'll need the key in the ignition but turned to position 1 (ACC) only, not the ignition! If you accidentally turn on the ignition then set it back to ACC and wait for 15/20 minutes - this is so you have no transient energy in the airbag circuit which will prevent an accidental discharge, highly unlikely but let's be safe!

On the back of the steering wheel are two holes - inside are two metal bars that need to be lifted over the hooks from the airbag unit. Set the steering wheel to its furthest out and up position and then turn it 90 degrees to allow access (from above) to the first hole - Insert a flat-blade screwdriver and "feel" for the metal bar, once found apply pressure downward to allow the bar to slide over the outside of the airbags hook. Looking at the photo below, the green bar would be pushed towards the Ford badge. Turn the wheel the other way to access the second hole. To help visualise this here are three images:




Return the wheel to its strait ahead position. Disconnect the airbag connector (and MFSW connector if fitted) and then remove the airbag assembly from the wheel. You can now undo the bolt by using a 12mm Spline Socket whilst holding the wheel - do not use the steering lock to stop the wheel turning, its not strong enough! You MUST hold the steering wheel in place whilst undoing the bolt!

Again, most Ford's are fitted to a 5 or 6 side stub but the Galaxy is fitted to a multi-point stub so with the bolt removed and BEFORE you remove the wheel you need to mark clearly where the wheel aligns to the stub - this is extremely important to ensure you align the steering wheel back up when you refit!


Once marked simply pull the wheel off the stub to remove. Try not to rotate the wiring assembly (Clock spring) and secure it in place with some tape. The cowling can now be removed and this is held in place with 2 plastic screws, 2 metal screws and one thorx bolt. Remove the two underside screws first which will allow the top to lift off, next remove the bolt and finally the front two screws. You'll need to take the key out of the ignition at this point to allow the cowling to slide over the locking barrel.


Refitting is basically a reversal of this process, the airbag simply pushes back into place.
However when refitting the clock spring care should be taken that's it not rotated since it was un-installed. Vehicles with ESP need to have the clock spring assembly aligned prior to refitting the wheel - The wiring needs to be at the top of the clock spring unit and the spy hole should show a gold colour - if its grey the clock spring has been rotated once, black and its been rotated twice - rotate the wiring back in the opposite direction so that the gold colour is shown. If its tight then STOP and go the other way, the wiring can only rotate twice in one direction and failing to align it could cause it to snap internally!


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