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Title: Ford Galaxy - Gaining Access to Central Junction Box Fuses & Relays (Mk2)
Post by: Chrispb on February 03, 2012, 10:34:19 PM
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This how to was carried out on a 2002 (52 reg) 115 AUY version
To be safe always disconnect the battery earth lead when working in this area.

the main fuse box is located to the lower right of the steering column to get access to the CJB and relays requires removal of the lower right panel.
Start by pulling off the drop down flap sharply
Now remove trims with a flat blade to avoid damage

Now remove the five screws with the red arrows

With the screws removed pull the panel from the top edge to release from the spring clips (3)
and (2) from the lower left (blue arrows)


Now release the multiplug from the main light switch and headlight levelling/dash dimming control, leave the diagnostic socket be and lay panel on floor.

Remove single screw and pull release catches on central junction box yellow arrows
With the catches released lift up the CJB out of the bracket and lower down to reveal the second layer then remove any cable tie attaching the large loom to the relay plate
To reveal the third layer relays push outwards the release tags pink arrows and pull relay plate towards you and lift to release, manoeuvre around loom

Have lifted and tied up level two to reveal level three relays

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