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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Towing Weights, Towbar Wiring, Trailers and Couplings  (Read 13448 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Towing Weights, Towbar Wiring, Trailers and Couplings
« on: March 28, 2013, 05:16:08 PM »
« Last Rated on: September 05, 2020, 06:00:50 PM »
Maximum weight's and Licences
Refer to this post [LINK] to find the gross vehicle weight and maximum train weight.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVM) - This is the total weight limit of the vehicle, loaded to the maximum allowed, including all fluids, passengers and cargo.
Gross Train Weight (GTW) - This is the maxium allowed combined weight of both vehicle and trailer/caravan attached.

The GVM differs by model but the GTW is 4000Kg for nearly all Mk1/Mk2 Galaxy's. As an example, we use a GVM of 2510Kg and a GTW of 4000Kg. Seems strait forward? But how this information effects you depends of the licence you hold and when it was obtained.

Licence Issued BEFORE January 1st 1997 (Licence B+E)
This date is where everything changed for the first time. If you passed your car test before here then you will have generally received entitlement to drive car's and trailers up to a maximum weight of 8250Kg. For the Galaxy, that means you only need to a simple calculation to work out what you can tow.  GTW - GVM.  Using the example weights (4000Kg - 2510Kg = 1490Kg) you can use the Galaxy to tow a trailer/caravan which weights up to 1490Kg.

Licence Issued ON/AFTER January 1st 1997 but BEFORE 19th January 2013 (Licence B)
This is the most confusing group to be in as the figures are flexible yet also restricted. To explain! The general rule for this group is that you can tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 750Kg.

But what if you need more? Well there is additional rule that says the 750Kg limit can be increased if the kerb (unladen) weight of the vehicle is higher then the trailer weight but you don't exceed a GTW of 3500Kg. So how do I calculate that? Well this is why the law is so misunderstood here as it varies from vehicle to vehicle and even model to model as for some reason the weights changed to use the kerb weight instead of the gross weight. So firstly, you'll need the kerb weight for your specific vehicle (this isn't required for the VIN plate so you'll need to ask your dealer for your models specific weight! The range for the Galaxy is 1683-2020Kg. Next we disregard the GTW weight of 4000Kg as a new limit of 3500Kg is imposed. So! 3500Kg - Kerb Weight. Which gives us a theoretical maximum trailer weight (MTW) of between 1817Kg and 1480Kg depending on the model and specification of the Galaxy. But we're not done! Because we still can't exceed 3500Kg total weight regardless, we need take the GVM and subtract it from this limit> 3500Kg - 2510Kg and we finally get to the answer 990Kg!

Licence Issued ON/AFTER 19th January 2013 (Licence B)
For the Galaxy, little has changed. Again, the general rule is that you can tow any trailer up to 750Kg. Again though you can go higher as long as the total weight will not exceed 3500Kg or the Galaxy's Gross Weight. So calculate 3500Kg - GVM to get this limit - again 990Kg for the example weights.

Speed Limits whilst Towing and Trailer Sizes
Built-up areas = 30 MPH
Single carriageways = 50 MPH
Dual carriageways = 60 MPH
Motorways = 60 MPH (In additional you must not use the far right lane of a 3 or more lane motorway)

Trailers attached to the Galaxy much not exceed 2.55 Meters wide by 7 Meters long. Extended towing mirrors must be used if the trailer width extends beyond the narrowest point of the vehicle (1.81 Meters)

Towbar Wiring
There are two types of towbar wiring - the most common is a 7-Pin type. In 2008 the newer EU style 13 Pin socket has become standard across europe with the UK (very) slowly adopting it:
Old Style Wiring Pin's
1 - Yellow - Left hand (nearside) turn signal
2 - Blue - Fog light
3 - White - Ground
4 - Green - Right hand (offside) turn signal
5 - Brown - Right hand (offside) side light
6 - Red - Brake lights
7 - Black - Left hand (nearside) side light

New Style Wiring Pin's:
1 - Yellow - Left hand (nearside) indicator
2 - Blue - Fog Light
3 - White - Ground
4 - Green - Right hand (offside) indicator
5 - Brown - Right hand (offside) side light
6 - Red - Brake lights
7 - Black - Left hand (nearside) side light
8 - Pink - Reversing light
9 - Orange - 12V Permanent Supply
10 - Grey - 12V Switched
11 - White/Black - Ground for pin 10
12 - Not allocated
13 - White / Red - Earth for pin 9   

You may install your own if you are competent however as of January 1st 2013 the MoT test will now include a stricter tow-bars and wiring section so getting it right is important. The key things to observe are:

1) The towbar is fully secure, the consequences of a trailer decoupling at speed could be very serious so only fit the bar in accordance with the manufactures instructions.
2) A Tale-Tale must be installed on the indicator circuits, normally this comes as a buzzer that sounds when the indicators of the trailer are active however the Galaxy is sophisticated enough to be able to detect the extra load and display a visual indication on the dashboard (See later for enabling this feature)
3) The 13pin socket will be electrically tested at MoT - the indicator, tail light's, brake and fog light circuits must all be working and connected correctly. If you are fitted the older 7-Pin version then this is not tested during the MoT.

The new-style pin's are shown as these include those from the earlier 7-Pin socket. There are many places to pick up the feeds but these are the termination points so you can work back as required:

1 - Yellow - Left hand (nearside) indicator
Black C261 - Left Hand Lamp Assembly, Pin 4, Black/White
2 - Blue - Fog Light
Brown C397 - Right Hand Lower D Pillar, Pin 4, Grey/White
3 - White - Ground
Ground Point - Lower D Pillar
4 - Green - Right hand (offside) indicator
Black C262 - Right Hand Lamp Assembly, Pin 1, Black/Green
5 - Brown - Right hand (offside) side light
Black C262 - Right Hand Lamp Assembly, Pin 4, Grey/Red
6 - Red - Brake lights
Black C261 - Left Hand Lamp Assembly, Pin 3, Black/White
7 - Black - Left hand (nearside) side light
Black C261 - Left Hand Lamp Assembly, Pin 1, Grey/White
8 - Pink - Reversing light
Black C109 - Right Hand Lower D Pillar, Pin1, Black/Blue
9 - Orange - 12V Permanent Supply
Black C603 - Rear 12V Socket, Pin 1, Red
10 - Grey - 12V Switched
Separate Supply to be Used
11 - White/Black - Ground for pin 10
Ground Point - Lower D Pillar
12 - Not allocated
Not allocated
13 - White / Red - Earth for pin 9   
Ground Point - Lower D Pillar

VCDS Adjustments:
Once installed you can use VCDS to "tell" the car it has a tow-bar installed. This isn't required but is a comfort option - the two controller's that need to know are the instrument cluster (to enable the visual tell-tell) and the parking aid (to disable the rear sensors during reversing - see section below).
Coding instructions are available in this thread: VCDS Coding

Parking Aid Inhibit
On a factory fit removable tow-bar, inhibit wiring is installed to disable the rear parking sensors when a trailer is attached. The factory way is to use a micro-switch installed within the wiring socket to detect when a trailer has been plugged in however for after market wiring kit's a simple switch can be installed elsewhere. The Parking Aid Controller needs to see ground on pin 5 of C77 in order to mute the rear sensors.

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