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Author Topic: Ford Galaxy - Instrument Cluster Signs and Meanings (Mk2)  (Read 14480 times)

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Ford Galaxy - Instrument Cluster Signs and Meanings (Mk2)
« on: February 10, 2012, 07:04:47 PM »
« Last Rated on: July 24, 2015, 08:32:47 PM »
Attached shows the warning signs and icons that show on the Galaxy instrument cluster:


Speed/Cruise Control:
Illuminates when the system is switched on regardless of if the system is actively controlling the speed or not (Except V6)

Trailer Coupling:
For factory fitted tow bars this indication flashes in sync with the vehicle direction indicators if a second load is detected on the circuit. If you have a retrofitted towbar then normally this light won't be activated and a beeper/buzzer will sound instead. You can turn this feature on by recoding the "09 -Central Electrics" in VCDS/Vagcom (See the "VCDS Coding thread")

SRS System / Airbag:
Lights up with ignition on and should turn off around 3 seconds later once the self test is complete. If it lights back up or stays lit then a fault is detected with the airbag system. Since every component of the system is monitored there are many reasons for the light to come on and fault code reading is the only way to pinpoint the fault quickly.

Automatic Transmission:
Turns on when the vehicle is in park to remind the driver to depress the brake pedal before selecting a gear.

Rear Fog Lights:
Illuminated when the rear fog lights are active

Glow plug light: (Diesel Engines)
Illuminates on Pre-Glow. Diesel engines won't start easily on very cold days without a heat source, the length of time the glowplugs are active for depends on the outside temperature and the ECU will electronically control the "on" time automatically. You should wait for this light to extinguish for attempting to start the car.
This light doubles as the MIL (Check Engine) light on Diesel engine cars.

EPC: (2.8 I CD-V6 24V engine only)
Illuminates when the ignition is switched on. It should extinguish as soon as the engine starts.
If it illuminates with the engine running it indicates a malfunction with the Electronic Power Control system. This is the fly-by-wire system that controls the throttle and is made up of the throttle pedal and electronic throttle body.

Check Engine: (Petrol Engines)
Illuminates when an engine fault code is lgoged.

Electronic Stability Control:
Illuminates on engine start up and should extinguish within 3 seconds once the self test is completed. There are 3 modes this light operates is, 1) Lit solidly - an error has been detected with the ESP system. 2) Rapid flashing - the ESP System is actively controlling the vehicle to recover a skid 3) Slow Flashing - the ESP system has been disabled by pressing the inhibit button

ABS System:
Illuminates on engine start up and should extinguish within 3 seconds once the self test is completed. If it lights up at any other time a fault has been detected with the ABS System

Fitted but not wired to the Galaxy cluster. This lamp is only used on the Sharan/Alhambra.

Brake System:
Illuminates when the handbrake is applied or if a fault is detected with the braking system.

Charging Circuit:
Illuminates on engine start up and should extinguish within 3 seconds once the alternator is charging. If the lamp comes on during driving the system is in discharge state - ie, the alternator is unable to supply power to all the electrical circuits and the battery is having to subsidise the demand.

Seatbelt Warning: (Late Sharan/Alhambra and Imported Galaxy)
Illuminates on engine start up and should extinguish within 3 seconds once the self test is completed if the front drivers and/or passenger seatbelt is buckled.

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