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Title: Ford Galaxy - Rear Wash not working? Repairing the Passenger Footwell Joint
Post by: Chrispb on January 28, 2014, 02:48:48 PM
The rear washer pipe connector in passenger footwell can become disconnected and empty the contents of the washer bottle into the footwell, this of course can be repeated several times before the problem is noticed this does get soaked up by the carpet and sound insulation and if your really unlucky swamp the park sensor module and effect the local wiring. All that's needed is a cable tie to cure the problem.

This one was done eight years ago without further problem.

To locate the pipe you need to pull off the door weather seal and remove the scuff panel/trim, this has two screws one hidden by a cap and several locating pegs, just pull upwards from the pillar end to remove

Pipe is now visible

A close up showing a cable tie in position

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