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Title: Ford Galaxy - TDI Turbo Removal & Vane Cleaning (Mk2 1.9TDI 115ps)
Post by: Chrispb on April 20, 2012, 04:39:20 PM
The turbo on this engine is combined with the exhaust manifold so turbo and manifold will be removed as one unit.
It's not essential to remove the intake manifold but does make access easier and is a good opportunity to clean intake and EGR valve.
See instructions for manifold cleaning.;attach=198

You will need the vehicle on ramps or stands as you will be working above and below then remove the undercover, engine noise cover, and bulkhead cover (scuttle tray) and air filter box and outlet pipe.
Removing the O/S drive shaft will make it easier to access from below and when withdrawing/replacing turbo.
Remove rubber hose from engine cover to intake tube then remove tube after removing 3 bolts.

The turbo oil feed pipe removal requires modifying a 17mm open ended spanner to hold the pipe union while the pipe nut is undone if you don't do this you will most certainly fracture the pipe,also undo the pipe at the oil filter end and support clip to avoid bending the pipe.
The picture below shows the ground down spanner to fit the 30mm gap.


There is a short flexy pipe that returns oil to the sump unscrew from the block 22mm spanner leave the pipe attached to the turbo.
Remove the turbo lower support bolt and air charge pipe and support bracket.


Disconnect vacuum pipe from turbo actuator
Remove exhaust downpipe from turbo.
Remove the 8 nuts from manifold flange.

You should now be in a position to lower turbo/manifold down through the gap.

If you have removed turbo and intend cleaning the vanes then read on
You now need to remove the circlip from the actuator rod then remove the five bolts from the manifold/turbine housing two of which are holding the actuator bracket.


Now you can lift away the turbo from the manifold, notice the locating peg and operating lever



In the picture below lift of the unison ring collect the three rollers and pull out the pins, to complete the dismantling of the vanes remove the three torx screws and lift out the vanes assembly then collect three spacers and lastly the face plate


All the parts can be cleaned using a wire brush and carb cleaner, when you start reassembly do remember to place the three spacers on the face plate then the vanes assembly refit the three torx screws, when replacing the unison ring note the location of the slot for the operating lever.
Make sure all the vane levers locate correctly in the ring then lift the ring slightly to engage each roller and pin, do not force anything they should all slot in easily.

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