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Title: 6 seater to 7
Post by: mark.008 on March 18, 2012, 07:55:58 AM
Hi all
i was wondering if it was possible to convert my 6 seater into a 7 seater i am going to check under the carpets to see if the floor already has the mounting points for the seat stays but im not sure were the seatbelt mounts is it on the roof?
Title: Re: 6 seater to 7
Post by: gregers on March 18, 2012, 12:59:10 PM
yes it is possible,as you say the fixings should be under the carpet.
you will have to aquire the plastic bits that go into the floor.
as for the roof mounting of the belt,someone with more knowledge will no doubt know more.
or if its not possible then the middle seat will have a lap belt.
Title: Re: 6 seater to 7
Post by: Mirez on March 18, 2012, 01:34:37 PM
The mounting points are there for the seat fixings, you just need to acquire 4 fixings for the outside seats to move (as attached photo)


Seatbelt wise, being a 2001 you may or may not have the big hump in the headlining between the rear two seats. Unfortunately I don't have a photo to hand but its obvious if you do - if you don't then as Greg says you'll need to get a centre seat with a lap belt. If you do then the mounting point and metalwork should all be in place under that hump for another seatbelt real to be be installed. Finally, you may need to make a few enquires with your insurance company just to make sure there is no problem as it will be registered as a six seater.

All in all isn't a big job, just time consuming taking everything apart! I did a 2004 car in 3 hours but then I've taken Galaxy's apart many times before :)

Parts wise:

4 Runners/Fixing Points
1 Seat
1 Seatbelt
1 Plastic seatbelt exit point to be cut into the headlining
1 7 Seater Carpet
Title: Re: 6 seater to 7
Post by: mark.008 on March 20, 2012, 07:16:08 AM
thanks guys really usefull info i will check this weekend i would imagine most of the parts will be easy to get hold of, the hard part will be trying to find a dark grey leather seat