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Title: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: bobnandra on November 18, 2020, 03:04:51 PM
Hi All,

I have having an issue with my Seat Alhambra MK1 2.0s Petrol, Manual. The ABS light which used to intermittently come on, is now on permanently. Whats also annoying is, the Air Bag light is also on now recently, even though I changed the Airbag Clock spring, about 11 months ago. Maybe the two are now related.

So far, I have, Scanned for codes which are ;

- 01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)
- 00588 - Drivers Airbag Igniter (N95)

I don't have VCDS diagnostics yet and the MOT is due soon, so need to get this done ASAP.

I have read on other forums, sometimes its the Earth strap which is corroded, between gearbox and chassis. I was not able to see one under the car, although there was an earth point on the chassis near the gearbox which is not being used. I have also checked the ABS fuses under the dash. There does not seem to be another fuse box in the engine bay, apart from a 3 fuse block, which I am assuming is for the starter motor. These fuses are good too.

Before I go to the trouble and expense of a new ABS unit, can anyone advise me where to look next. I have been trying to locate other Earth points for the ECU and the ABS module but with no success yet..

All help gratefully received..

Thank you..

Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: Mirez on November 18, 2020, 06:00:37 PM
The petrol doesn't have the second box (hence you can't find it :) ) but sadly 01276 is nearly always because the internal control board for the ABS module is dead/dying.

00588 is the igniter or drivers airbag. When you installed the new clockspring unit did you centralise both wheel and unit before installation? If not then its likely to have become taught and overstretched which sadly, means replacing it again.
Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: bobnandra on November 18, 2020, 07:45:43 PM
Thanks for the Reply Mirez.   That is what I was afraid of. I just replaced all the ABS fuses but still the same problem.  Also used measuring blocks on the Diagnostics machine and I am getting about the same reading from all the wheel sensors..

Do you by chance know where the Earth points are ?  My Haynes Manual, which is for a Ford Galaxy and not for my Alhambra, says on the wiring diagram, earth point is ;
E3 - Right Hand Engine Compartment
E7 - LH rear engine (Post 99)
I have not been able to find these yet. Any idea?

As for the airbag clock-spring, the steering wheel was central, and as the Brand NEW clockspring had an orange TAB in it, I am assuming the clock spring was wound and set correctly for insertion, so I did not do any adjustment to it.  It has been working fine until recently.  Was i supposed to unwind it a little first ?

I want to fix the ABS unit first, because I have read, a faulty unit, can give rise to other systems showing faults.

Do you know if I have to remove the ABS unit and control module in one go, or can it be removed separately? Removing the whole unit means I will have to remove the brake lines which i did not want to do ..

Apparently, these units are easily repaired, probably because the circuit board has Dry solder joints..

If I was to get a secondhand unit, and plug it in, without pluging in the brake lines, do you think the error would clear and definitively prove the old unit is faulty?

Idealy, I need to check the wiring, as this is a common problem with bad earths.. so if you know where the earths are, that would be really helpful.

Thank You.
Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: johnnyroper on November 18, 2020, 10:10:38 PM
Donít bother trying to find and check earths just run some more to good clean metal parts on engine and body from battery neg terminal with adequately sized cable and crimps.

If you are sending abs module away for testing/repairs personally I would send the whole lot as they will test everything. As Mirez said high chance the control board is failing but thereís always chance pump is the cause.

With airbag does fault come straight back on if clearing the code?
Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: bobnandra on November 19, 2020, 06:46:44 PM
Thanks for the input Johnny,

I was thinking there are different earths. is there not one from the ECU  and one from the ABS module wiring looms, going to different Earth points around the car ? Not sure what a new clean earth would do.. but will have a go..

I'm about to buy a Bench Power Supply, which I need for my general testing purposes anyway and will then try testing the ABS module solenoids and pump. ABS units are relatively robust and I suspect a dry solder joint after so many years..  I will look for a replacement ABS unit, but would like a later model and wonder if the abs units are the same across the Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 models..

The Airbag light i am unable to clear. It stays on.  When the ignition is turned on, the airbag light does flash once and then stays on.   I will not be opening the steering wheel again yet, until i clear the ABS fault.  One problem at a time.. !!
Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: brianh on November 19, 2020, 09:34:03 PM
There is a connector on the side of the ABS unit (assuming yours is in the same place as mine on a 2.3 petrol), I had issues with the light on which I was expecting to be something serious, it turned out to be the locking connector wasn't fully pushed on, if you haven't already had it off to inspect the pins there, I'd rule that out first. Also worth noting its very close to the edge of the scuttle panel, which if it does the usual trick fills up with leaves and other debis and then water. That water may be able to leak out of the seal the scuttle sits on which would be right above the ABS module. The locking bit prises out to push the connector off the pump via a couple of locking lugs if you haven't already investigated down there.

Don't know the age of yours, but pins that are either corroded, dirty or just lost their springy action are possible on a car of this age, and worth a check.
Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: bobnandra on December 08, 2020, 04:57:43 PM

I was hoping the issue was a simple Earthing problem. But I could not find an issue here. So I went onto ebay and bought the cheapest ABS modulator for the correct year and model. Basically to use as a learing tool and see how it came apart.  My car is a MK1 2.0L Petrol. However the unit I found was for a MK1 diesel 1.9 TDI, but the part numbers matched. The ABS unit was £40. When it arrived, it was in a poor condition, dirty, rusty and a year older than my original. As the error message said, ABS Motor, I proceeded to remove the motor, but the screws were so rusted, I managed to snap the screw head OFF holding the motor on..  so, for the other screw, I used WD40 and left it for a day. Next day, I managed to remove the next screw, and removed the motor.  I tested the motor with a power supply I had, and it spun up.

I went to the Cars ABS unit, heated up the wires with a hair dryer, as they were hard to move and may be brittle and i was working in the cold. This made the wires a bit supple and the motor connector came off easier. But the motor was left in place on the modulator. I just plugged the doner motor in.  Alas, No Joy..  The light persisted.  I did not want to remove the ABS UNIT, as this would have ment more work, and bleeding the brakes, which I will do later when I put on new brake disks and pads.  So I tried to remove the ABS control unit, from the aluminium modulator body. But I could not gain access to  two screws , as thgey were covered by two middle brake lines, so i had to remove the two middle brake lines, which I think are for the back brakes.  I then had access to the control unit.  I swaped the ABS control unit. I was not expecting this to work as the doner unit looked worse than my original.

On power up... the ABS light went OUT !! so.. it was the ABS Control unit at fault.   Now, when i have time, I will open the faulty ABS control unit and see if I can see any dry Solder joints or any obvious problems and reconnect them and have it as a spare..

As for the Airbag Clock spring, I don't want to buy another clock spring. So will try and repair the old one I took out and swap it with the current one in the car.  I will update you when I have done this..

NOTE: All those reading this and who have gained an insight into their own problems,  I hope I have showed the importance of coming back and updating everyone on a good or otherwise, outcome.   It is important to come back and let us know the solution to problems you were asking for help on.. So many people just ask questions and never come back with a solution, because they have sorted their issue..  Your help and experience and solution will help others as I hope I have helped someone..

Title: Re: ABS & Airbag Light On.
Post by: brianh on December 08, 2020, 06:15:46 PM
Good luck with the clock spring, Its supposed to be the part that flexes as you turn the wheel that breaks (which makes sense really).

Good result on the ABS side there, hopefully you will have it all sorted soon, thanks also for posting an update with details of how you fixed it, It might just help someone else in future.