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Title: Any advice buying 2.3i Zetec Auto Petrol
Post by: tsam19 on November 21, 2019, 07:49:35 PM
Hello all

I've been looking to buy a 2.3i Zetec /Auto / Petrol model. Between an 01 - 06 plate.

Any advice on what to look out for before buying one would be appreciated.

Auto gearbox , engine etc

I usually check the REG plate details on the mot website to see the history of it and quite a lot for sale have a long shopping list of advisories or problems.

I'd prefer to buy one from a private seller rather than car dealer who's been palmed off with a bag of rubbish.

Thanks for reading.  :)
Title: Re: Any advice buying 2.3i Zetec Auto Petrol
Post by: johnnyroper on November 21, 2019, 11:15:08 PM
MOT history is always a good starting point along with service history.

These cars are getting on a bit now and the dreaded corrosion will be a factor,check the usual suspects of arches,jacking points/sills for damage and rot and the outriggers. MOT history could have advisories for corrosion.

The rest really is just overall condition compared to price,if it’s priced high expect a sorted car with no major issues,if it’s dirt cheap expect problems.
Title: Re: Any advice buying 2.3i Zetec Auto Petrol
Post by: brianh on November 22, 2019, 02:17:45 PM
Its a Galaxy - so expect issues with the door wiring and locks. Check the keys operate the door locks and if it has a remote that it works. Plus whats mentioned above, the two outriggers just behind the front wheels can and do rot with age, though are repairable with welding.

Ideally with an autobox, check how it drives when started from cold as well as warmed up as if fluid is getting past its best, you can find it struggles when cold. Best to run it up through all the gears to check your happy.

If its working correctly on motorway use, you should see the readout on the centre of the speedo showing approx 30mpg (at least thats what I get on the manual 2.3) though it drops like a stone around town (14.7 is known to appear regularly for me).

Other than that, check the usual things you'd expect - oil looks ok, coolant looks like coolant not rusty water or oily water, any obvious leaks under the engine. If the A/C panel flashes on startup apparently it has an error logged, though mine has always done so and seems to work ok all the same. If its got the original radio check the code is there for it if you intend to keep it.