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Title: Auto gearbox dont change smoothly once car warms up
Post by: sscaifeuk on February 14, 2014, 11:12:32 PM
I've had a read of other auto gearbox problems on here and so far haven't found anything that fits what's happening to my car and after you all being so helpful with my last problem im hoping you can help again.

When the car first starts up it drives lovely but once the car is warmed up, changing gear up and down can be a jolt and it doesn't always change down when you slow down or stop. I regularly have to start slowing down with the manual gears of the auto box, to at worst land in 2nd gear to be ready to attempt to pull away. If I stop at red lights, I can turn off engine and re-start it and it will pull away with no problems like it does when its cold. It has been on a diagnostic machine, nothing came up so it gives me nothing to point me in the right direction to solving this. I had someone who deals with autoboxes drive it cause we thought perhaps it was the solenoid but he says not and that he thinks its acting like there is not enough oil in it.
Does anyone know how much oil should be in the auto gearbox? and ideally how to change or top up the oil should this be low (so I can try and do it myself)?

All I can find on the net is that it needs to go to the main dealers.

When it had a service last yr the bottom of the car was a bit oily and the mechanic steam cleaned it off. As he had never changed or dealt with autobox oil on my car before (not something that really needs doing as part of a service these days), he drained what was in there and replaced with the same amount cause he couldn't find any info on how much it should hold. So I am wondering if it was low in the first place and is still low cause the right amount hasn't been replaced cause of previous loss if the autobox man is right.

Hoping anyone can help solve this cause I love my car and as im a childminder it is perfect for my job.

Title: Re: Auto gearbox dont change smoothly once car warms up
Post by: Chrispb on February 15, 2014, 05:38:46 AM
Have you read This (

The box holds 7 litres of fluid but when draining you will only get half of that out, the fluid level is quite critical, have you got a Vagcom/VCDS lite lead as you will need this to check the fluid temperature as this affects the level.

This ( is the lead you need to plug into your laptop and into the diagnostic socket on your car.

Look in the Library index ( diagnostics for help using VCDS lite and also on this is a must have inexpensive tool if your doing your own repairs.
Title: Re: Auto gearbox dont change smoothly once car warms up
Post by: billywizzo on February 15, 2014, 09:04:37 AM
Not sure about what could be wrong with your gearbox but try WIMBLEDON AUTOMATICS on 020 8540 6624.
I used them to get a replacement gearbox on my galaxy (took half a day to replace) and been back to them for oil changes and they are very knowledgeable.

Would recommend them if you need any work done on your gearbox.