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Title: back from mot oddities
Post by: marinabrid on November 10, 2014, 03:17:05 PM
just got cat back after a week in the garage , all seems well but  can someone tell me,   should the 1st push on the brakes feel a little softer than the 2nd and 3rd pushes ?  they have done some brake pipe work, fluid is ok,

also  i ran a diagnostic and 2 faults that were not there before i took it show,

speedo sensor out of parameter and engine torque to auto gearbox out of parameter,    they said the had the wheels turning while on the ramp, 
could this practice cause the fault codes ? 
there always something when you get the car back,  never seems the same as before it went it.
am i alone in thinking this  ???
Title: Re: back from mot oddities
Post by: insanitybeard on November 11, 2014, 05:28:46 PM
I wouldn't really expect the first application of the brake pedal to be softer unless there was still air in the hydraulic system (or you were pumping the pedal really fast and not allowing the servo to evacuate fully between pumps on the pedal), or a seal in the master cylinder (for example) wasn't sealing 100%, or there was a loss or reduction of vacuum supply to the servo maybe due to the (seemingly) common split supply pipe but do I remember you saying you had already changed that (or was that on your old Galaxy?) ? The other possibility is that they let too much fluid drain from the system when they disconnected the pipes/hoses and didn't perform the ABS modulator purge afterwards.

The fault codes could both relate to the wheels being spun independently in the air, but didn't you say the guy in the garage had already plugged a computer in to clear those codes and put the warning lamp out? Being an auto it's likely to throw up more codes than a manual would have due to the extra sensors in the auto box.

Best thing is to clear the codes if you've not done so already and retest in a week or so, if they've not returned then don't lose any sleep over it.
Title: Re: back from mot oddities
Post by: marinabrid on November 13, 2014, 09:21:19 PM
looks like he may have simply put out the warning light but not cleared the codes,  don't know if he had vagcom on iPad he was using but the codes were still in the car brain,  i cleared them and took car out and no codes have come back  so all in all, an expensive 1st mot for this car,  a tyre, 2 special order brake pipes and front pads and discs, an oil service set me back 450 !   and a wet through carpet , i couldn't work it out, why, i rechecks all the scuttle drains , then i sat in car 10 mins while wife hosed it down, not a drop came in,. 
I'm pretty sure he left a window open when we had some sever rain last week as in the drivers door pocket was some cloths i use for cleaning and they were full of water, I'm surprised though how wet it got if it was just coming in from a window open.