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Title: Clock spring part number
Post by: Dino D on January 25, 2014, 08:03:49 PM
Hi all,

My clock spring has packed up. I have a spare from the previous owner that he never fitted but it is the wrong one as it has too few plugs.

My galaxy has cruise control and guess the clock spring I have has plugs for radio controls only.

Does anyone know the part number for one with cruise (and best place to source - I'm assuming used is a bit of a lottery so should buy new).

I took photos of the part number on mine now can't find where the photos have been backed up too! (Trying to use google drive to back up iPhone pics and seems to have lost some!)

Ps thanks for the guide on removing wheel and getting to the spring, it helped me out allot as would never have figured out the airbag clips otherwise!
Title: Re: Clock spring part number
Post by: Mirez on January 25, 2014, 09:00:49 PM
Right, I spent a lot of time researching clock springs when I retrofitted the MFSW (Multi Function Steering Wheel). The bad news is that the Galaxy uses a virtually unique one, different to the rest of the VW range (With the exception of the Golf R32) and also the Sharan and Alhambra - Meh!

There are essentially two variants. If your car has either a MFSW or ESP then you get one and everything else get's the other.
Given you have a V6 then you should have ESP fitted to the car and therefore, the rarer clock spring which incorporates the steering angle sensor for that system.

You are looking for VAG part 1J0959654AS or Ford FINIS: 6163338

I'd ask a few Q's to ebay sellers breaking V6 Galaxy's as they should all have what you need. If you buy second hand ask them to tape the two rings together before shipping to stop them rotating.

Good luck!
Title: Re: Clock spring part number
Post by: Dino D on January 26, 2014, 10:38:11 AM
Thanks for the info. Yes I have MFSW and ESP...
Planning a long trip in summer so would like my cruise back so will start hunting now..
Good tip on transporting it.
Title: Re: Clock spring part number
Post by: kuhenur on October 02, 2015, 10:32:37 AM
Hi, Dino. Do you have the wrong one yet? I'm looking for !