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Title: Drivers door lock jammed
Post by: raydio on January 11, 2015, 04:14:01 PM
Drivers door lock jammed
I have a late 1999 2.3 Galaxy, the drivers door will not unlock with the key or the inside door handle, I managed to get into the car from the passenger side, however there was no sound from the central locking and I had to manually unlock the rear passenger doors from the inside door handles, the drivers door will not unlock from the inside or outside.
The drivers door alarm light is not working, the car runs fine but the trip meter returns to zero at the start of each trip. I have removed the rear door to give me access to the screws and the door lock, I can only get to two of the screws holding the door lock, so I cannot release the door lock, but it did enable me to be able to access the screw holding the outside door handle, I could then remove it and the and the lock paddle between the barrel and the lock mechanism the paddle is fine, if I then turn the lock mechanism with a screw driver it just rotates and does nothing. There is a hole in the door next to the central pillar that allows some access to the unlocking mechanism but that does nothing, I am now stuck , unless I can open the door I cannot change the lock, I suspect that the electrical mechanism is not releasing possibly  a broken wire but without being able to get to it without opening the door I can do nothing about it. I have looked for the electrical central locking unit that is supposed to be under the passenger seat but the car does not have it in that position. I have checked fuses F19 and F55 both are OK does anyone have any idea's because I have run out.               
Title: Re: Drivers door lock jammed
Post by: Mirez on January 11, 2015, 04:41:48 PM
From 97 the locking module was moved to above the accelerator (RHD cars) so thats why you can't find it. I would suspect one or more broken wires within the door gaitor are the problem which is keep the double locking active (hence you can't undo it from the inside).

As you've now discovered, its not really possible to gain entry from the outside so the only real way it to remove the door card in situ (which isn't easy and may end up destroying it).

Personally, I would get a sturdy piece of metal and bent it to a 90* hook, then use this in the gap between the front door and wing to move the wiring gaitor about. Get someone to keep pressing unlock whilst you do and you might get lucky.
Title: Re: Drivers door lock jammed
Post by: Chrispb on January 12, 2015, 01:22:32 AM
Have a look at IIRC fuse 32 for the resetting of the trip, may also have connection with central locking.
Title: Re: Drivers door lock jammed
Post by: Philippe on February 02, 2015, 11:30:38 AM
I faced the same kind of problem with autoradio, trip meter, clock, battery level OFF, ...
I suspect that the problem appeared once when we try to open the passenger door at the same time as opening with the remote key. After that, the driver door remained locked and could be only be opened manually with the key.
At the garage, they change Fuse 32.( brown 5A   position horizontal).
See diagram :