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Title: Electrical Gremlins
Post by: Babyhawk on March 21, 2012, 10:40:58 PM
Hi everyone! Many thanks to gregers for pointing me in this direction.

Anyway, this car has been a faithful servant for the past 6 years and i'm now experiencing some slight problems but it won't diminish my love for the car one bit. I first noticed the problem yesterday. My drivers window has simply stopped working without warning/noise etc. Now, I have searched enough to know that its normally the regulator in this case however, after noticing this, I turned on my sidelights, which came on but the hazard lights also flashed a few times....! Then a headlight went out, and now my central locking goes through the motions, locks, then motions continue and the doors all unlock again. Radio/horn/Heat/Gauges/Clock all seem to be operating as normal.

What i'm hoping for is for a kind soul to help point me in the right direction and try to cut down my head scratching time! I have just had a quick shoot through the reference library and bingo...a short synopsis of problem is there. Wondered if anyone can expand on this and maybe pinpoint the best starting point for me.

Do I start at the fuse box, drivers door panel, under the hood...where? Any help or comments greatly rec'd!

Many thanks in advance guys.
Title: Re: Electrical Gremlins
Post by: gregers on March 21, 2012, 10:48:57 PM
welcome to the forum mark,hopefully you have already gleaned a bit of info from what i have already said on another forum ;),and from our tech section.
but no doubt someone else will be along and give you some more helpful advice.
Title: Re: Electrical Gremlins
Post by: Mirez on March 21, 2012, 11:02:33 PM
Another Mark? May need to rename this to at this rate lol - still welcome aboard!

I would start in the rubber gaiter between the car and the drivers door - due to poor quality wire the wiring has a habit of either snapping or allowing the insulation to break away, either way things start shorting out in there are can cause all of the problems you are currently having (Well apart from the headlight blowing but that's probably just coincidence!) The central locking would flash the indicators so if that's shorted to the lighting circuit then you would get flashing indicators and central locking problems.

I would start by removing the door card (there is a how-to in the reference library) and then disconnect the wiring where it enters the car before pealing back the gaiter's rubber to expose all the wiring.
Title: Re: Electrical Gremlins
Post by: Babyhawk on March 21, 2012, 11:18:54 PM
Thanks guys, really appreciate the rapid responses. Off to the reference library now to get my how to's sorted. Will report back when I get these gremlins exorcised!
Title: Re: Electrical Gremlins
Post by: Chrispb on March 21, 2012, 11:47:23 PM
A hi and welcome to the forum from me also, the drivers door gaiter and tailgate wiring breakdown is a common problem on these cars and can be repaired by splicing in new wires as necessary.