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Title: Ford Galaxy 2001 1.9 tdi auto VIBRATION / CLICKING NOISE
Post by: rrangutan on September 24, 2013, 01:27:29 PM
Hi there
 Hopefully someone can give me some advice because I feel like scrapping my car at the moment.
 I have had my Galaxy for just over a year and When i first got it I had a bad vibration when I was accelerating between 30mph and 70mph. I had to replace 2 drive shafts because they were worn and knocking and I thought this would cure the vibration. Unfortunately the vibration was still there and several months later I had to replace the drive shafts again.
 I then had advise to change the intermediate driveshaft which I have done. Still the same problem.
 I am now getting this clicking sound which seems to be coming from the centre of the transmission which increases with the speed of the car. Do I need to change the intermediate stub shaft or is it a gearbox problem?

Someone please help .......This is getting beyond a joke.!!