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Title: Galaxy TDi 2002 Electrical Fault:
Post by: Snowdonrob on July 31, 2014, 03:41:11 PM
Hello Folks.  Our TDi 2002 currently has no horn, clock, no steering wheel controls(radio volume/mode and cruise control). The rev counter is all over the place on ignition, and the small display (MPG.external temp. etc. is randomly blank. The trip and mileometer don't work... Apart from this, everything is tickety boo!! Should I be looking for a multi-function relay module somewhere? The wipers , fuel and temp. gauge, lights and indicators all work, except that the tailgate only opens on the key, and the brake lights flicker as you open it.

Embarassing that our thirty year old Rover is baling the Galaxy out at the moment.

Any help gratefully received.
Title: Re: Galaxy TDi 2002 Electrical Fault:
Post by: insanitybeard on July 31, 2014, 05:23:25 PM
Welcome! I'm sure I've read a few tales of bad earths causing similar symptoms, particularly one on the engine block, however, if the rear lights and locking motor are also acting strangely it may be worth having a check for the common Galaxy fault of broken/ shorted wiring where the wiring looms pass from the body into the doors and tailgate- the constant flexing of the cables when the doors/bootlid are opened and closed over time causes chafing of the insulation and/or breaking of the cable strands leading to short circuits or intermittent contacts and, by all accounts, all manner of weird and wonderful electrical problems- in your case it may be worth having a thorough check of the tailgate wiring first where the cables emerge from the body on the upper offside and pass into the bootlid at the top within a rubber gaiter.
Title: Re: Galaxy TDi 2002 Electrical Fault:
Post by: Mirez on July 31, 2014, 05:50:12 PM
As above, check out the tailgate for shorting wires which may also be causing some of your erratic faults.

The horn and steering wheel controls (MFSW) share two common components - the clock-spring unit and the multifuction controller, sit down when you find out the cost of either of those though! That said because of the other issues you are currently having I would be inclined to agree with Paul and suggest it is a ground issue and not a failure. Do you have access to a multimeter?
Title: Re: Galaxy TDi 2002 Electrical Fault:
Post by: Snowdonrob on August 01, 2014, 12:04:05 AM
Many thanks for everyone's input, and I'm persuaded to a wiring fault (will check and post outcome in due course), as there seem to be so many things going wrong, randomly, but not actually failing completely (since my post, the small display has suddenly illuminated with the external temp. and MPG. reading). Come to think of it, all this mayhem started when the tailgate refused to unlock from the fob.

Thanks again. My mate has a multimeter, so I'll enlist his help.

Title: Re: Galaxy TDi 2002 Electrical Fault:
Post by: steveo59 on August 02, 2014, 10:31:31 PM
Hi, I once had similar electrical problems but also affected drivers door alarm light, also courtesy light did not go out when locked drivers door. Turned out to be fuse 32. Just replaced and everything back to normal. Worth a try.