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Title: Mk1 TDI Injector Damage
Post by: alans on June 03, 2013, 03:30:35 PM
Hi All.  My '99 110tdi started leaking diesel from no4 injector in a big way. The injector was a little loose, tightened the clamp, ok for a few seconds then leaked again.  Clamp again a bit loose, retightened, same thing.  Pulled the injector and it has been hit by the piston - it's had a knock since I got it.  Assume the big end has gone, and finally has enough extra movement to allow piston to hit the injector.

Trying to work out what the chances are of getting it back in use just by changing the bigend shells and fitting a replacement injector.  At present it's on my son's drive over 100 miles away, and I don't have recovery cover, so reluctantly  thinking of scrapping it.

Would really appreciate any thoughts, and especially if anyone knows if hitting the injector is likely to mean its hit the valves or has huge movement on the big end journal. Also a bit worried that it may have done the thread on the head..
Thanks All

Title: Re: Mk1 TDI Injector Damage
Post by: Chrispb on June 03, 2013, 05:12:06 PM
I would say by design it's impossible for the piston to hit the injector, it's more likely a piece of debris has damaged the end of the injector.
either a broken valve or piston breaking up.

I wouldn't bother taking the sump off until you take the head off, have a sneaky feel this could be expensive.
Title: Re: Mk1 TDI Injector Damage
Post by: alans on June 03, 2013, 05:41:43 PM
Hi crispb thanks for that. I think I'm probably going to have to scrap it - pity still got 7mths mot and most stuff works.   It's done 170K+ now and a bit battered so not worth a lot but I'll miss it.  If it was nearer I'd dig into it but between the head and the big end and 300+  to get it back here I can't afford it...

Thanks again