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Title: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: egg on July 23, 2016, 06:12:41 PM
Hi all.

After checking the library for advice, i'm wondering what i should do to replace the parking sensors.

I had a look online, and the original ford sensors seem very pricey. However, on my previous gal i installed some cheap sensors which worked okay and were great value.

All the sensors have been removed so id be looking at 8 replacements, the button comes on when reverse is selected and beeps. (

Any ideas of cost, and diy tricks? The cheap ones are 15 off amazon. At least the'd fill the holes in my bumpers :P

Title: Re: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: johnnyroper on July 23, 2016, 07:02:28 PM
I sourced some off eBay think was 30 for 4 used ones. Avoid cheap pattern parts as I had them first and they were useless.

Maybe speak to @Mirez I am sure he said before he had some knocking about?

As for fitting rears are a doddle can be done just looking under the bumper,they push in and plug wires on job done.

Fronts I think can be done by popping the trim out rather than removing bumper,not done it myself mind. Although look in red library sure bumper removal is a piece of cake?
Title: Re: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: egg on July 23, 2016, 09:47:30 PM
Sound will do. Might just fit the rears for the missus when reversing, although i find it harder to judge the front gap personally as the rear is square enough. I take it the rear ones will work without the front ones fitted? Otherwise it will be pricey to get 8 replacements.

Anyways, i will be doing the important stuff first. Been looking at the brakes too lol. Looks like im gonna be throwing a lot of cash her ways. Have to say love the car already. I forgot how comfy they are, and to be honest there is plenty of poke in the tdi in comparison to the 2.3 petrol i used to run. Plus nearly double the mpg :)

Roll on tomorrow. [GJ]
Title: Re: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: johnnyroper on July 23, 2016, 10:36:15 PM
Even if you fit just rears the system will give a fault warming and switch off. Not sure if it can be configured for just rear ones though?

Know what you mean since having mine I have done the head job,heater matrix,boost heat repairs,brakes all round,drop links,tyres all round,egr cooler and egr delete,vac pipe simplification,turbo adjustment,n75 and Pdc repairs.The list is never ending with them!! Lol. Got few more little things to do no doubt more will crop up by time done them?!

For a big bus the tdi in them is surprisingly lively and good on fuel I have found now running issues resolved.
Title: Re: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: egg on July 24, 2016, 09:35:06 AM
Might just fit these for now then (
Until i get the engine and running gear sorted :D
Title: Re: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: Ben g mon on July 24, 2016, 11:27:47 AM
I have six genuine sensors available if you want......
Title: Re: Parking Sensor replacement
Post by: bestfc01 on July 25, 2016, 01:58:11 PM
From experience stick with the genuine if you can.

I currently have aftermarkets on the rear after giving up to early on the factory sensors.
Mine turned out to be the front wiring and i was too lazy to sort it out - big regret!!

I have the same sensor you have just pointed out, although they do the trick they do have draw backs.
For example,

In the rain they can pick up rain sensors.
They not brilliant for metal poles.
The speaker cable doesnt reach to far meaning with the stereo on you can hardly hear the sensor.
You can only do maybe 2MPH otherwise they fail to pick things up
Dont expect them to pick up a running child - mine certainly didnt, and lucky i dont rely on them.
If you decide you want front sensor then the only way to activate them is by using a button, and not the current button either.
Sometime it takes a few time to turn on. i.e put it into reverse twice
They dont sit flush on the bumper and are much more noticeable.

They do get my by, however I dont rely on them.
I purly have them just because my driveway is so small.

Also i agree with the front. I sometimes struggle to determine how much space i still have at the front.
My drive way has a 30cm wall with a 4ft drop behind it.
I now use a piece of wood with sting so i know how far i have to go and reversing onto the drive way isnt an option as its a swine to work out if im in my drive enought.

If i want upgrading to a diesel Mk2 soon i would get the factory sensors going again.