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Title: SMF conversion opinions from those who have had.
Post by: johnnysharan on January 21, 2014, 11:18:49 AM
Hi everyone,
New member here, although I am sure will be a regular contributor as our family bus gets older.

Whats the opinion on single mass flywheel conversions for the Galaxy, sharan.

I have had SMF conversions before  with no issues, Taxi drivers seem to be converting to them with no issues.

I converted the wifes Sharan 2 years ago and been living with vibration ever since, however dont know whether it was installation based,  or a problem with the SMF conversion. It was a Valeo conversion. Its a 2007 (Mk 1 sharan) 6 speed gearbox.

The sharan has a vibration between 1500-2200 rpm, very buzzy.
The clutch action is recently not so good, soggy, bites on the bottom of the pedal. I changed the gearbox oil last year and there was bronze glitter in the oil but it was the only gear box oil change it had in 100,000 miles.

questions that come to mind are:
1.Is clutch action and vibrations related due to gearbox wear, I know the box isn't the best design around?
2. Clutch could be just a master cylinder issue brought on by the new clutch change, is this common?
3. Could be just a SMF conversion thing, which case I learn my lesson and get it replaced with a DMF. opinions from other SMF users appreciated.
4. Inner drive shaft vibration? I assume the shaft would be removed when replacing clutch?
5. Any mounts that breakdown that cause this vibration, could be cause by clutch installer not bolting up correctly?

I am a firm believer of common faults so hoping someone will have seen this situation before as a good place to start. Dont mind paying to repair, just rather repair the right bit.

Thanks all.