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Title: Tailgate adjustment as need to slam reallt hard to close
Post by: japspeeduk on April 13, 2015, 02:01:02 PM
as in the title really.. my dads VW Sharan V6 has various issues and I said I'd take a look for him, got most sorted.

But the tailgate is a nightmare to close, its so bad you almost dent the body work slamming it, normally I'd slightly adjust the latch via the three screws, but it has weird latches on the sides too and can't figure if they are adjustable? as it seems to stick out slightly more on the right side..

Basically when it appears to be closed the interior lights stay on and if you pull the boot it has play when locked and can be moved a good 3-4mm.
Title: Re: Tailgate adjustment as need to slam reallt hard to close
Post by: Mirez on April 13, 2015, 05:44:29 PM
The ones on the side (of the body) are to receive the ones on the side (of the tailgate). AFAIK there is no adjustment there because the tailgate ones are sprung loaded. Therefore it sounds like you do just need to pull in the tailgate via the latch adjuster, the alternative is that the top hinges may need adjustment however I've never seen one need that which hasn't had a rear end impact at some point so that would be a last resort (unless is has obviously!)
Title: Re: Tailgate adjustment as need to slam reallt hard to close
Post by: japspeeduk on April 13, 2015, 08:36:16 PM
You young man are a diamond, as there is a slight ding in the tailgate.. so checked hinge bolts and there it is... you can see where they WERE... so tomorrow I'll adjust with help from wife...

Thanks for the info and your time... I still tried adjustment on the centre latch anyway, but it's bearly adjustable by undoing the three torx heads.. pulled it as far forward as poss and nipped it up but still a super slam required to show as shut on dash and lights off...

Sadly my dad is having a hard time and I'm sick of him getting ripped off, sacked at 65 years old from Stagecoach then reinstated after tribunal and payout, was sacked for taking to much time off due to his terminally ill wife at home who has now passed away, totally vile if you ask me!... now back at work and finds it hard to say no to overtime.

I've moved back to home town Winchester from Hull after 13 years and I'm ill with M.E so can not work so slowly helping get the Sharan fixed from its list of niggles.... so expect a few more posts lol!! as I run American motors at present a 6.6 diesel V8 dually pick up.. with its own issues.

Just noticed something else as put headlights on to move it just now.. weird one and electrical again!! when lights are on the amber light (! with circle around it) guess traction control light? is flickering constant... grr..

I've owned a few German cars over the years and didn't ever have electrical issues.. so, surprised on the Sharan to say the least...

Sadly think the late and very hard shifting from 1st to 2nd gear is out of my ability... but hope its not the valve body (££££) I wonder if its related to the MAF sensor as I see thats held in place by a flipping cable tie.... I'm sure I read there is a connection between the two somewhere... went to check fluid level put no dipstick that I can see...