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Author Topic: Unnecessarily complicated C/L problem with possibly simple fix.....(said nobody)  (Read 2416 times)

Offline Cureforsanity

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  • Model: Galaxy Mk1
  • Spec: 1.9TD
  • First Name: Chris
  • Region: North West
Hello hello hello!

My apologies if this is elsewhere on the site, I've tried looking but it doesn't seem that my problem is on here anywhere (usually the case!)

I have a '99 Galaxy 1.9Dieselthing.  It is very good for what I need. It has interstellar mileage, but most of all, it was cheap!

Anyhow, the driver's side was sideswiped and the car written off a couple of weeks ago and I was paid out but retained the salvage as it was merely cosmetic/glass, so I obtained 2 doors from a local scrappie and sprayed them to match the rest of the car.

So now I've fitted them on, reconnected everything and now the central locking will only work when I lock the tailgate, and then on every door except the drivers.

I know both lock mechanisms to be good as the one in the scrapyard was locked and we had to connect a battery to get it to unlock before we could remove the door.  Also, before the door swap, all the original doors worked fine on the C/L button.  When we trial fitted the doors, the C/L would work on the button on all doors except drivers door.

When replacing the drivers door I had to cut the wiring so I could get the connector off.  I did see a spark and assumed I'd shorted something.  Looking at the fuse box, the C/L 5A fuse had blown which was duly replaced.  We tried resetting the remote fob but now that doesn't work at all on any door when it did before!

I have replaced the 'new' lock mechanism with the original-no difference so put it back.  I've also swapped the passenger door handle for the drivers door item as this was from another car so now I can manually lock the drivers door but not the C/L.

In a nutshell, I can lock the drivers door from the outside with the key.  I can lock and unlock the rest of the car via the tailgate lock.  The window and mirror switches work fine on the drivers door, as does the speaker.  The red alarm light does not flash or light up at all.

I can live with it as it is at the minute but it's annoying as it all worked fine before the door transplant albeit they were mangled!

Can anyone help please?

Offline Chrispb

  • Mindsaysyesbodysaysnono
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  • Model: Galaxy Mk2 Auto
  • Spec: 52reg TDI 115 Ghia
  • First Name: Chris
  • Region: South East
  • Country: United Kingdom
Hello and  welcome5
The door wiring through the gaiter can cause a lot of problems with windows and central locking, if you can't see any physical breaks in the wiring you may want to test each wire for continuity as these wires can break inside the insulation. 
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Offline Cureforsanity

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  • Posts: 2
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  • Model: Galaxy Mk1
  • Spec: 1.9TD
  • First Name: Chris
  • Region: North West
Cheers for that :)

Upon further investigation, the mirror switches have now stopped working so I fear a delve under the kick panel and directly wiring into the loom rather than via the connector.  Why do they do these things???




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