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Title: your thoughts please
Post by: redwon on November 10, 2012, 03:49:12 PM
Hi there
My daughters 1.9 galaxy has had a few problems recently. She said that smoke was coming into the car,
so I changed the glow plug in the auxiliary heater. She again said smoke had come in, so I checked on vag com and it had an overheat fault on the auxiliary heater, so I thought the run on pump might be playing up and not circulating the water, causing the overheat. So I changed the run on pump.
The other night she phoned to say the car was smoking really badly and running rough. So I popped round her house and started it up and Bloody Hell!! Burning oil smoke pouring from the exhaust and then it started running rough. I looked underneath and the Cat was glowing red. It then cut out.
I towed it round to my house today to have a good look. My first thoughts were that the cat was probably clogged up or collasped , and might have caused back pressure, so I took that off. The oil level had dropped off the dipstick. I topped it up and tried to start it but it would not crank on the battery, so I jumped it off my truck and it started, but it dumped oil out of the down pipe onto the drive
(wife not impressed :-X) The smoke was unbelievable ???. There was also a sqealing when I revved it.
Is this a lost cause? Any sugestions would be appreciated.

Title: Re: your thoughts please
Post by: Mirez on November 10, 2012, 04:32:00 PM
Sounds suspiciously like a turbo on the way out, they tend to squeal! It'll be pumping the oil into the intake hence the smoke and loss of oil. This won't burn clearly so will pass out into the exhaust and superheat the cat - again hence its red hot.

STOP driving it now! You should be able to change the turbo, clean the intake and all will be well but if its run like that you risk damaging the cat beyond repair and also a catastrophic run away (where the engine rev's way above its intended red-line by consuming its own oil)

Certainly not a lost cause at the moment and should be a quick-ish fix for the cost of a turbo!
Title: Re: your thoughts please
Post by: redwon on November 10, 2012, 04:44:13 PM
Ok, thanks Mirez for your response. It has put my mind at rest, I was thinking of scrapping her.
I will start reading up on how to get the turbo off and start looking for another turbo. It is still a nice looking car, and it would be a shame to scrap her. I will keep you posted how things go.
Title: Re: your thoughts please
Post by: Chrispb on November 10, 2012, 06:05:38 PM
Removing the exhaust downpipe or the air charge pipe from turbo will give access to the turbine shaft which should spin freely without any roughness or noise.
There is a how to in the reference library for removing turbo, access is limited so be prepared for bruised knuckles.
Would remove CAT and leave standing on end hopefully excess will drain out
Title: Re: your thoughts please
Post by: redwon on November 11, 2012, 02:34:53 PM
Thanks for all the help, I had a read on here about removing the turbo. I am going to make a start on it this week. Thanks again