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Title: 2012 2.0tdci ford galaxy cutting out when driving
Post by: nickyt1973 on July 11, 2013, 10:50:16 am
I have a 61 plate (2012) ford galaxy 2.0tdci titanium x. I have always had problems with the starter button in that sometimes I have to press it once to start and sometimes 2 or 3 times. However, I thought it was me doing something wrong. I've also had problems with poor MPG. However, most recently and most concerning is that it has started to cut out when driving. Last Saturday I was driving in the fast lane of a dual carriageway, started to slow down approaching a roundabout (still going about 55 at the time) and the battery light and oil light came on and the engine cut out!!!! had to cruise to a stop with hazards on and then restart the car which she happily did. I'd been driving for some 200 miles/ 4 hours. Then sunday having driven about 14 miles it did it again as I approached a junction. No juddering or spluttering or any signs it was going to stall - just a silent stop and loss of everything. Prior to this it had kept cutting out when moving about parking or reversing and we'd just put it down to us and poor driving but of course since the weekend we know its not the case. Into the garage yesterday and they reckon no fault codes!!! test driven it cant get it to do it. I'm now not wanting to drive it as I have three children and I don't feel safe - it freaked me out when it cut out at 55 miles per hour in the fast lane. Any help or suggestions please as clearly the garage say nothing they can do without fault codes or getting it to do it again for them.  :(
Title: Re: 2012 2.0tdci ford galaxy cutting out when driving
Post by: Chrispb on July 11, 2013, 11:34:27 am
Hello nickyt1973  welcome5

As for the starter button I had similar problem but found I wasn't pushing down on the clutch pedal hard enough to operate the starter.
Is yours a manual or powershift box?

I haven't had the cutting out problem which obviously must be very worrying.

This may be something as simple as a loose connection (hopefully)

You need to be assertive with the dealer, are you the original owner? is it a Motorbility car/lease car
Title: Re: 2012 2.0tdci ford galaxy cutting out when driving
Post by: nickyt1973 on July 11, 2013, 01:48:31 pm
Thanks for the reply.
I did consider this with the starter button but it does the same with my husband and I've made a conscious effort to ensure the clutch is fully depressed and still it happens.
It was owned by a ford garage as their demonstrator and I brought it in November 2011. Its a manual.
I have refused to pick it up as I have said its dangerous and I've lost confidence to drive it. They are now suggesting a new fuel filter (the car has only done 9500 miles) and of course this isn't warranty but if its worth a try then yes - but think they are just gripping at straws with that.
I searched on line and older galaxy's seemed to have the problem and many spoke of a relay 109 - I've mentioned this to them but they don't seem to know anything about it??
The problem these days is they rely on hooking a computer upto the computer (mind) of the car, there is no hands on these days. If the computer says no then its no and no one seems to have any idea about looking outside of the box. I got my husband to speak to them in the end as I felt like they were implying it hadn't happened!!! because of no fault codes - but he was in the car each time and has experienced it too.
Scratch head time. Not amused that a £24,000 car is showing such problems with no idea to resolution.
Title: Re: 2012 2.0tdci ford galaxy cutting out when driving
Post by: Chrispb on July 11, 2013, 02:14:44 pm
Going back to your first post when you said engine cut and oil and battery light came on, just want to confirm that the lights came on before or after either dipping the clutch and shifting to neutral.
If it happened before shifting or dipping clutch then more likely an electrical problem, but if it happened after this would be normal as the engine is now at rest even though the car was still coasting to a stop.

Blocked filter is possible I suppose but with such low mileage unless of course you have contaminated diesel.

The relay 109 problem you mentioned is only typical VW based systems which the MK1&2 Galaxy's are, the MK3 is entirely ford.

As no faults have been logged I would go with changing the fuel filter as suggested but check for water or other contamination in which case you may need the tank cleaned.
Title: Re: 2012 2.0tdci ford galaxy cutting out when driving
Post by: nickyt1973 on July 11, 2013, 02:22:15 pm
Hi Thanks Chris your reply is very useful.
I would say lights came on as dipped the clutch. I hadn't gone into neutral as was just starting to slow from 60 miles an hour so was just starting to go down the gears (6-5)
I only ever buy diesel from garages such as Shell, Esso etc and not the supermarkets but guess even they could have contaminated fuel. I've only done 3500 miles in it since had it as its our large family car so we don't use it unless its with all the children, we have a little fiesta to run around in. I had in fact filled it with fuel on the Thursday before it started doing it on the Saturday so could well be the problem then. I'd kinda hoped it would fit in with the very very poor fuel mileage weve always got though!!!
Really appreciate the info on the relay side of things as that clears that up for me. I only picked up what I read on the internet and it was for older models. Cheers.
I'll try the filter option and hope and pray that sorts it.
Many many thanks for your input and help. :-)