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Title: Few problems 08 MK3 Zetec 2.0 Tdci
Post by: Watkinson10 on June 05, 2018, 08:02:50 PM
Hi guys,

I have recently had to sell my beloved 57 Focus Zetec Climate  :( due to increasing family size, ive replaced it with a 08 Galaxy Zetec 2.0 Tdci.

I originally thought i had a bargain for just £1500 with cambelt and water pump replaced at sale, however there seems to be a few issues with the vehicle and i was wondering or hoping that someone may be able to help.

originally the car was really struggling to pull away from junctions. had to really rev before the car would move away, and it stalled pulling away on a few occasions, i replaced the the oil, oil filter, (both looked like they hadn't been changed for a while) as well as the air filter, which was the worst ive seen in any car ive owned, now the galaxy performs great and easily pull away from junctions with next to no revs :)

first, the battery light is on, and the obd scan shows DTC P163287 (smart charge fault) ive checked the voltage across the battery and it gives me a constant 12.45v with engine off, with engine running it jumps to around 13.5v and with all consumers on (headlights front/rear fog lamps, a/c, front/rear window heaters etc) it drops to around 12.3v (the car appears to run fine, no loss of electricals etc)

second, i have a total failure of the parking sensor system, when selecting reverse gear, there is a continuous beep emitted from the rear speaker with the sensor light on the dash flashing, ive tried to listen for a clicking noise from the sensors but have been unable to hear anything from any of the 8 sensors, ive disconected the multiplug at the rear of the sensor loom, and check continuity off all wires to all sensors and all apears to be ok from the plug to the 4 rear sensors, unable to check fron sensors due to access to the loom, (i could really do with these working as my wife hmmm,,, lets just say parking isnt her best trait lol)

third, after standing around idle for a few hours or overnight, the engine struggles to start, takes a couple of attempts before firing to life, once the car finally decides to wake up it emits a fair size cloud of black smoke from the exhaust.

forth the car FARTS after switching off the engine, ive never owned a car that can fart better than i can lol



Title: Re: Few problems 08 MK3 Zetec 2.0 Tdci
Post by: johnnyroper on June 05, 2018, 10:48:25 PM
1, sounds like you need a new alternator as it is not putting enough out.

2, get parking sensor system scanned to see what codes come up,probably just a dodgy sensor.

3, that sounds very much like my x type diesel (ford engine) was, run an injector cleaner through it see if any improvement. Also check the leak off pipes and o rings as they can cause air to enter allowing fuel drain back.
Title: Re: Few problems 08 MK3 Zetec 2.0 Tdci
Post by: johnnyroper on June 05, 2018, 10:50:19 PM
Just to add to alternator issue itís not uncommon for the smart charge control wiring to corrode at alternator either on ford engines. Worth a good check of the wiring to alternator
Title: Re: Few problems 08 MK3 Zetec 2.0 Tdci
Post by: Watkinson10 on June 06, 2018, 08:38:48 AM
I checked the wiring at the alternator after reading Bout the 3 pin smart charge connector corroding. But after checking all I can find (other than the main wite to the battery) is a single blue wire that goes to the alternator plug.

Also the engine only struggles when it is cold. And this morning the smoke was white not black. Is there Any chance it could be the plugs
Title: Re: Few problems 08 MK3 Zetec 2.0 Tdci
Post by: mike wilson on June 06, 2018, 11:54:43 AM
Might be worth changing the fuel filter.  There's a known issue with diesel fuel during this vehicle's life.  If it's had a bad batch, that will be causing fuel starvation.  I don't know if there's a lift pump in the tanks of these - definitely not in the Mondeo - so you would need to us e a suction device to pull fuel to it.  Just churning the starter will not let it start and kill the HP pump.