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Title: Galaxy 2.3L Ghia Auto
Post by: volkslove on July 06, 2015, 04:04:12 AM
Hi I would like to see if my cars behavior is the common to all similar models.

When I accelerate at a moderate pace the gears tend to shift at around 2250rpms from 1st gear to the 5th gear.  What I don't like is when I am cruising down the expressway at 100km/h the Auto gear stays in 5th and the revs are happy to stay at 2500 rpm.  The auto will only shift to the 6th gear when you reach 110km/h when the rpms are close to 3000 rpms and then holds 110 km/h at 2250 rpms.

I have asked by dealer about this and if it is possible to reprogram the car so that it shifts to the next gear if the rpms exceed 2250 rpm especially when cruising.  The speed limit where I am is 90 km/h.  I tend to place the car into "manual" shift and bump it up to the 6th gear and place it back to auto, but it is annoying especially when you need to slow down for "grannys" and when you accelerate again you have to force the car into 6th gear again.

In 6th gear the car can cruise without automatically downshifting for speeds higher than 80 km/h.

90 km/h = 1800 rpms 6th gear
100 km/h = 2000 rpms 6th gear

Is this common for all galaxy 6 speed autos?
Title: Re: Galaxy 2.3L Ghia Auto
Post by: stubbsy72 on December 20, 2015, 03:20:33 PM
Hi.  I have the very same problem.  The same engine and an auto box.  Did you ever get it fixed?
Many thanks