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Title: Got a few questions about my '13 galaxy..
Post by: cjard on April 12, 2019, 03:05:11 PM
Hi guys, thanks for the awesome resource here. Hoping someone will have some ideas on the below:

1) is there a picture anywhere of what is supposed to be in the storage areas under the rear footwells? I lift the panels and see mostly empty polystyrene trays

2) The one touch windows doesnt seem to work; am I right in thinking that to reset them they need to be closed, then I twice pull the window switch up for 2 seconds then release?

3) The "hold the remote fob unlock button and all the windows wind down" works well, but the rear windows won't wind up when i old the fob's lock  button.. Only the front windows wind up when I do this - how to fix?

4) Were these cars ever fitted with electric memory seats? Is it possible to retrofit?

5) The dash clocks recently depicted a "browser refresh button next to OK" symbol - what does it mean?

6) Does anyone make custom storage solutions for the boot (like a set of shelves) ?

7) The rear most side windows look like they can open slightly; what's the process for opening them?

8) Does the USB socket support iphones (into the stereo/control from) etc?

9) Is there a way of telling if it has a TPM without deflating a tyre?

10) Does it have built in booster seats like the sharan/previous galaxy?

Thanks guys
Title: Re: Got a few questions about my '13 galaxy..
Post by: mike wilson on April 23, 2019, 10:38:15 AM
2) Open window, release button and then repress for ~2-5 seconds.  Repeat for close window.  Repeat for all windows.

4) Optional extra.  May need wiring and controller and activating on software as well as new seats, depending on the actual model you have.
Title: Re: Got a few questions about my '13 galaxy..
Post by: Chrispb on April 25, 2019, 09:22:59 AM
1. The one behind the drivers seat should have the emergency tyre air pump and sealer, locking wheel nut socket, and a threaded towing eye. The one on the passenger side was empty.