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Title: Passenger Airbag Disable Switch
Post by: Bruce_c on September 11, 2016, 12:16:57 pm
I have a 63 plate Galaxy and a newborn that i would prefer to have up front with me when alone in the car (premature/breathing issues).

My Galaxy does not have the passenger airbag disable switch fitted - although my usual Ford dealer insisted it did when i enquired with them about it. When they had it in for a service they had a look and now claim it cannot be fitted (first excuse was there is no hole in the dash for it, then that the car isn't wired for it). They did't seem to really know too much about it or what was required.

My understanding is a keyswitch is fitted in the side of the glovebox and the hazard warning switch is replaced with a new one that has a half size switch and the other half is the airbag disabled warning lamp - and the whole lot has to be programmed.

Has anybody had this done? and does it sound right that my car may not be wired for it? i'd expect the dash loom to be common for the dash type and fully populated.
I'm going to try another ford garage but any additional info before i go in would be handy.
Title: Re: Passenger Airbag Disable Switch
Post by: johnnyroper on September 11, 2016, 12:22:25 pm
Similar on my old e46 bmw they say you should use their car seat to disable it. I unplugged the airbag and put a resistor across the wiring terminal so no air bag faults logged but passenger bag disabled. Can't remember resistor size off top of head but sure if you google it something should come up.
Title: Re: Passenger Airbag Disable Switch
Post by: insanitybeard on September 11, 2016, 10:53:29 pm
Ford certainly used to offer retrofit kits to allow passenger airbags to be deactivated on vehicles where it wasn't fitted as standard. I'm not sure if it can be fitted to all Mk3 Galaxies but the parts diagram ( certainly implies such a kit is available for the Mk3.
Title: Re: Passenger Airbag Disable Switch
Post by: Bruce_c on September 12, 2016, 01:49:50 am
Thanks insanitybeard. That kit seems to show a new piece of loom is involved too.
This page in the parts diagram ( looks to show better the switch and indicator required
Switch: 14B268   1381035
Indicator: 13A350 1563625 or 13A350   1706147 (different trim colours??)

The owners manual (Page32 - Occupant protection section) has a section saying to get the deactivation switch fitted  - ask your dealer for further info. And there was a mention of it in the Galaxy brochure too.
I think i'm going to have to print off those pages and go speak to the parts dept at the garage or speak to Ford customer service if that doesn't work out.
Title: Re: Passenger Airbag Disable Switch
Post by: Bruce_c on October 03, 2016, 04:29:03 pm
A little update.
Went to a different garage and had a long chat with the parts manger.
He knew of the kits for the focus etc but not what was required for the galaxy, and hunting through the parts catalogue drew a blank. He ended up emailing Ford technical service and the upshot is there is no kit for the galaxy, the only parts that are required are the switch (1381035) and the hazard switch/warning light assembly (1706147).
It is covered under a TSB from 2006 which has the cutting template for the glovebox etc, though there is an area moulded on mine that looks about right for cutting out for the switch position.

It requires 1.5 hours workshop time cutting/fitting/programming.

Quoted cost is £75 for parts, and with a total of £200, so a little more than I was hoping but not too unreasonable considering what needs doing.

Parts are on order for mine and it will be booked in as soon as they are in.

Hope this is of help to someone in future.