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Title: programming keyless push button MK3 Galaxy 2014
Post by: on September 20, 2020, 09:32:39 PM
Hi everyone

I have a Ford Galaxy 2014 1.6 petrol car titinium edition. This has a keyless entry. I have two of these "remotes" . Recently I have bought a keyless remote on aliexpress.

I found different instructions on the internet how to program these keyless remotes but upto now none have worked for me. I was wondering if any one has experience with programming these keyless remotes.

I did find some instructions on this forum too, but they didn't work for me. I was a bit confused about the instruction by Counsy (Re: Keyless fob not working).
I have on the door, above the handle to open the door, a small handle which if pushed will lock the car, and when pulled will unlock the car. Just in front of these two handles is a switch which will unlock the car (only unlock, no locking of the car with this button). 
I assume in the instruction we are taking this switch/button in front of the two handels? But then the second part of the instructions is unclear for me. (Press the driver or passenger power door lock control three times.)

And the question was also asked about the "center console pocket" but I didn't understand the answer. Is this where the drink containers are held or the big box between the seats. In some youtube they show a place where to lay the key (or slot). But I don't see any slot or indenture to place the keyless remote.

It is probably a simple trick. And like magic, if you know how it is dead simple, but up to that moment it is a mistery.

p.s I also own a 2003 Galaxy ;-)