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Title: Rear doors won't unlock since battery went flat, also "Child Lock Malfunction"
Post by: bengo on September 08, 2017, 12:33:06 PM
Hi there, first time poster, nice forum.

Our battery went flat (lights left on). The breakdown person restarted it. Now we have various problems:

- there is a fault message on the screen "Child Lock Malfunction"
- the rear doors are locked and stuck locked and shut: they won't unlock when the keyfob is used, the locking lever is in the locked position and when you move it it's springy but nothing unlocks.
- you can't open the doors from the inside or outside, i can't get my toddlers into the car and we need to move!
- the rear windows aren't responsive when you operate the controls

Less crucial, but possibly helpful in diagnosing:
- the hazard lights no longer flash when you lock the car with two clicks on the keyfob.
- boot is operating fine
- front doors operating fine

I've ordered an ELM device and bought Forscan but it won't arrive until tomorrow. No Ford dealership within 20 miles can fit us in until next week and none could give advice on phone.

Is there anything I can do at all to get the doors opening and closing? It feels like something has gone wrong in the computer since the car was started by the breakdown person and there should be a simple hard reset but I've never got nerdy with my car so I don't know the basics I'm afraid. Keen to learn as I can't go anywhere without the car and we've big trips coming on Saturday and Monday!

(A smaller issue: the radio is asking for a code, I held down 1 and 6 together to get the serial and then buy the code online, but contrary to all online advice it never shows a serial number beginning with an M or a V? It seems to me that if you can buy a "security code" on the internet for a few pounds then that's not a "security code" it's a "massive waste of everyone's time").
Title: Re: Rear doors won't unlock since battery went flat, also "Child Lock Malfunction"
Post by: bengo on September 08, 2017, 12:38:57 PM
Apologies, this is a Ford Galaxy 2011.

Also, I've already tried this reset procedure (holding down child lock button for 1 second twice):

I've also tried a suggested central locking reset procedure (turn ignition on and off four times quickly, wait for beep, then press lock/unlock on fob, wait for beep, open and close door).

Neither of these things worked.