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Title: S max fault code P1719 - goes into limp mode 2009 Tdci auto
Post by: surrey smax on January 22, 2020, 12:56:32 PM
Anyone resolved issues with P1719 fault code. 2009 TDCi auto Smax
Car drives fine on a very light throttle and revs cleanly while parked.

Give it some acceleration and car will stutter like a very bad misfire then go into limp mode Engine Malfunction.

Switch off and re-start and its ok to drive again as long as you dont accelerate more than 30% throttle.

Only fault code is P1719, which comes up as a transmission code, when I reset this it come back as soon as you drive it again.

Anyone had this what fixed it? IS it fuel supply causing a misfire or is it transmission fault causing ecu to reduce power?