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Author Topic: S-MAX Front & Rear Driver Side Light Randomly Turning On When Ignition is Off  (Read 347 times)

Offline jostler

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  • Posts: 2
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  • Model: S-Max
  • Spec: 2007 1.8L Diesel
  • First Name: Joe
  • Region: East Midlands
Afternoon, everyone.

I own a 2007 Ford S-MAX 1.8L TDCI, which is experiencing an intermittent issue.

If I lock the car by pressing the lock button on the key fob just once, upon unlocking the car, my front driver side light and rear driver side parking light come on, even though the interior switch that controls my sidelights and headlights is in the "off" position. It's worth adding that I always leave the indicator stalk in the "neutral" position before turning off the engine and locking the car.

Also, if I instead lock the car by pressing the lock button on the key fob twice (to double lock it), my front driver side light and rear driver side parking light come on, about 5 minutes after locking it and stay on.

In both scenarios, when I unlock the car and turn the ignition on, the right-hand indicator is flashing, even though the indicator stalk is in the "neutral" position. I then have to push the indicator up and back down again to cancel the signal.

When driving once this has happened, after using the indicator stalk and returning it to the "neutral" position, the signal will continue to flash, meaning I have to repeat the process to cancel it.

Previously, the issues described above were an occasional occurrence. However, it's now happening without fail, all the time.

I've run a self-diagnostics test by pressing and holding the "OK" button on the steering wheel, before turning the key in the ignition to 'Position 2'. This returned the following four fault codes, which after a quick bit of research, don't look to be related to the issues described above:

DTC #01 - F00616
DTC #02 - 160782
DTC #03 - C40168
DTC #04 - C41568

I know nothing about cars, so I would appreciate any help in finding and fixing the problems. Thanks in advance.


Offline brianh

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  • Posts: 1100
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  • Model: Galaxy Mk2
  • Spec: 2001 2.3 Ghia LPG
  • First Name: Brian
  • Region: South East
  • Country: United Kingdom
Not got a mk3 here, but it seems your issue is the indicator stalk. Easily proved by removing the cowling and unplugging it would be the best first step, though I don't know if either of those tasks are easy to do. If it stops doing it with the stalk unplugged, I would guess your looking at a replacement stalk most likely to solve it.

Offline johnnyroper

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  • Posts: 3239
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  • Model: Galaxy Mk2
  • Spec: 02 tdi 115 ghia
  • Region: South West
  • Country: United Kingdom
Either stalk issue or BCM fault I would say.

Also those codes from cluster are a bit of a red herring as they relate to different issues possibly as a result of low battery voltage.

Engine fault,auto box fault and abs fault codes from a quick google.
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