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Title: Timing belt change
Post by: Bluetractorman on January 30, 2018, 08:13:01 AM
About to take on the timing belt challenge.  Having read Haynes carefully I am have two questions.  It's clear that the crank and camshaft pulleys need to be pinned in place throughout to maintain the timing.  Haynes, having said (on page 2A-4) that there are only timing holes/slots on the crankshaft pulley flange and the camshaft sprocket, later says, on the same page, "insert ford tool No  303-732" through the slot on the fuel pump sprocket.
I'm very happy to lock the fuel pump sprocket in place too, if indeed there is a slot and corresponding indent for the respective tool (drill bit probably) to go into.
My question is, do I need to lock the fuel pump pulley?  If so why?  It's a high pressure pump and so does its timing matter?

Separate but related question.  Haynes specifies camshaft sprocket bolt torque as: Stage 1 = 20nm. Stage 2 Angle tighten a further 50 degrees.  What is this angle tightening about?  Why not just have a tighter Stage 1?
Grateful for any enlightenment
Title: Re: Timing belt change
Post by: johnnyroper on January 30, 2018, 09:36:26 AM
No need to lock the fuel pump as like you say it’s hp pump so all it does is pressurise the fuel. I didn’t bother when doing a GM 1.9 engine despite there being a hole for locking pin.
Angular torque is usually on torque to yield bolts so the bolt is gradually stretched in stages.

Do you need to disturb the bolt when doing the belt?
Also is your engine one of the cassette type wet belts aswell or is lower one a chain? The cassette belts are a bit of a pain but if it has one well worth replacing as I know a taxi company boss who has had several go on mondeos totalling the engine.
Title: Re: Timing belt change
Post by: Bluetractorman on January 30, 2018, 10:09:24 AM
Hi Johnny and thanks for that.  I think the reason for getting involved with the crankshaft bolt may be in order to get the aux belt pulley off.  I'm guessing a bit here but suspect the aux belt pulley's outside the timing belt cover.  It's a bit of a mystery till I get in there. The manual's some help but nothing like seeing it of course. 
Do you think pinning the fuel pump may make getting the belt teeth in the right pulley grooves easier?

Oh for an inline engine with the action all visible at the front.   
I do some maintenance on an e46  3 series bmw and there's a very good supply of "how to" videos on youtube.  I can't possibly imagine why there aren't more enthusiastic fanatics filming galaxy engines....ha ha.
Title: Re: Timing belt change
Post by: johnnyroper on January 30, 2018, 10:31:40 AM
Sorry I misunderstood it’s the crank bolt that’s angular torque not the cam. In that case it’s because the puller will need to come off to gain access to timing belt.

Personally I wouldn’t bother pinning pump as I find having that movement makes fitting the belt easier,but that’s just personal preference. When you have it apart see how you go just locking crank and cam you can always pin pump if it works better for you.