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Title: Ford S-Max - Fault Code Readers / Diagnostic Software Options
Post by: gregers on February 23, 2013, 08:49:05 PM
Diagnostic software for the Ford S-Max and possibly the Ford Galaxy Mk3?

If you have changed to an S-Max from a Mk1/2 Galaxy you may well be used to the aftermarket VCDS system and its extremely useful capabilities at reading and identifying faults. Sadly, it won't work on the S-Max but here are some alternatives for those who haven't got around 10k to spend on a "home" version of Ford's IDS system:

A scan /diagnostic tool for Ford vehicles. Under 30 and also needs a laptop.

This is an app for your smart phone which uses a OBD11 bluetooth adapter (Ensure you get the Ford variant!). Amongst other things it can do real time logging and fault code reading

Bluefin (Ford) handset:
This is a stand alone system which does not require a laptop as it has an inbuilt screen. Since its primary function is for remapping the engine, its a lot more expensive then other options but doubles as a fault code reader.