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Title: seat alhambra 2.0 tdi 2015 horn wont stop honking
Post by: laimonasg29 on February 18, 2018, 01:26:06 PM
Hi there! Im here for a similar reason....2015 Seat Alhambra 2.0 tdi automatic
First of all does anyone have fuse box and relay box diagrams, would be helpful? because there isn't any on a covers. Thanks. Problem 'Ive got is horn won't stop honking😅 try to imagine driving around at night. So Im thinking relay, switch or clock spring is broken. It cannot be the horn cause its honking🤣. The buttons on a steering wheel working, no lights on a dash, no DTC from VAG2. can anyone help me??? I found the actual fuse for the horn by pulling everyone of them and it was in a box under the hood... But I canot find the relay for horn cause seems that there isnt one🤔

           Thank You
Title: Re: seat alhambra 2.0 tdi 2015 horn wont stop honking
Post by: brianh on May 20, 2018, 09:51:08 PM
I'd suggest your best start would be to remove the covers round the steering column and see if you can unplug the clock spring. If its like the earlier ones the horn circuit is an exposed track round the outside - If anything like a paperclip or other metal object has got down inside that area it will cause the horn to keep going off.

One word of caution - when your working around that area (with the airbag) your best to disconnect the battery before you start and give it 10 minutes to allow any charge in the airbag system to dissipate as you don't want it going off when your that close to it with screwdrivers etc.

Once the clockspring has been disconnected if that stops it at least you know the fault is in that area whatever it is. If it doesn't then its either wiring related or a stuck relay. I don't know if there is a relay for the horn, I'd hope for something you can sort with the clock spring area as that's probably easiest to sort (foreign object or broken wire somewhere in there hopefully!)
Title: Re: seat alhambra 2.0 tdi 2015 horn wont stop honking
Post by: johnnyroper on May 20, 2018, 10:50:08 PM
As car is 2015 is it still in warranty or just out? If just out VW might give some goodwill contribution towards repair.

If the airbag squib/steering wheel buttons check ok I would suspect body control module or the fuse box control module at fault as I think they do not have conventional relay for horn,it is integrated inside mentioned modules.