View full version: Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Touareg
  1. Tiguan DSG making a loud crunch / crunching noise when in 5th gear
  2. Knock from front right wheel area when changing load
  3. Which version Haldex is my car?
  4. Tiguan 2012 flashing bulb icon on dash
  5. Weird and wonderful wing mirror... err wing mirror!
  6. parts info for vw's
  7. What's in a name?
  8. Wind deflectors - do they work?
  9. Tiguan tyre pressures
  10. First VCDS scan of my Tourareg
  11. EA189 2.0 TDi Recall - my notes on MPG and remapping
  12. How good was your 4motion vw tiguan in the recent snow or just offroad?
  13. Retrofitting the rear view cam
  14. Changing the radio in a volkswagen tiguan for factory satnav
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