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Author Topic: VW Tiguan - Removing the wing mirror cap case / shell for access to puddle light  (Read 7762 times)

Offline Mirez

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The VW Tiguan & Mk3 Sharan use a different mirror to the rest of the VW range and the casing is subsequently held on differently. This guide talks through the removal and replacement of the casing, glass and side repeater / puddle light assembly.


The cover is held in place by two clips and a number of locating pins and is released by freeing those two clips. To access them either use the cars power to move the mirror or gently push it so its its as low as it goes (in other words so its dipped to the ground).

Once done you can look through the gap and see the two clips:


Use a THIN flatblade screwdriver to push the clip down whilst applying light, rearward pressure to the cap. Since the gap is small its important to use a thin screwdriver so you don't end up levering on the glass.


You can expand this image to see where the clips are located on the cover if you need help finding them:

Once the top of the cover is pulled back you can slide the lower half out of its retaining pegs by just 'sliding' it back away from the front of the mirror:


With the mirror cap now removed we get to see the back of the mirror housing, and can see the clips that hold the glass to the motor assembly. Look through the gaps to see this and apply gentle pressure to push the glass off the motor.


With the glass removed we can see where those two clips were located (red arrows) and also the two torx screws that hold the indicator and puddle light unit to the assembly. With those removed we can slide that unit out and access the puddle lights bulb (5W5) or replace the unit if the indicator is faulty.


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